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Top 5 Bunk Bed Designs Above 35k  
von   Furniture Online

When you have more than one notorious soul in your home, arranging for their beds can be a matter of sheer distraught. After all, you can never place them in separate beds because that would be too unfair for them.

On a similar note, you can never place them on the same bed because that would result in night long fights and bickering, which would ultimately keep you both awake for nights.

So, then, what’s the solution?

Bunk beds!

This kind of beds is both separate and united. They form levels, with a ladder or a support system for climbing to the top bed. Both the beds are of a single size, and hence perfect for your children.

This way, they can sleep peacefully without having to argue with each other. At Wooden Street, you will have numerous bunk bed designs for kids, which will ultimately leave you amazed and wondering which one to get.

So, let’s have a look at some of the best bunk beds that you can get from this online platform and make your children feel like Cheshire cats.

Cheshire bunk bed with storage

This particular design is like a small world for your kids. Here, the lower bed has three storage drawers and is slightly extended than the back support frame. On the other hand, the upper bed has a proper wooden fence.

There is a stair just beside both the beds which ends up in a platform like an area. From there, your kid will have to take a big leap to the upper bed, which indeed is fun. Just by the side of the stair frame, there are drawers, which again will enhance the storage capacity of the entire bed. Cheshire bunk bed comes in the teak finish, which is quite warm and inviting to be put in a kid’s room.

Blossom bunk bed

With Mahagony finish, this is one of the best wooden bunk bed designs. Here, the lower bed is quite raised from the ground, thanks to the box storage underneath it. The upper bed has a barricade all around it with intricate designs. By the side, there is a stairwell, which will directly lead to the upper bed. The stairwell is properly guarded by wooden walls so that your kid does not accidently trip over in excitement. Just below the stairwell, there is a small drawer like a compartment for ensuring that you can store small things.

Lucifer kids bed with storage

Here, only one bed is there and that too at the top. Surprisingly, it is still called a bunk bed because your kid will have the ladder to get on the top. Just below the bed, there is a small cabinet shelf with three drawers which can be moved.

By the side of the bed, open shelves are there for keeping books, clothes, and even toys. It almost occupies more than half the height of the bed.

Along with this, you will have a small study table with rounded corners to match the modern style of furniture. And there is a box stool with a foam upholstery sit to keep your kid comfortable.

Douglas bunk bed

Here, the stairwell is in the form of a ladder, attached to the front of both the beds. The upper bed is heavily guarded with a high fence-like structure, thus ensuring your kid will be safe while sleeping.

The lower bed has two storage drawers, which can be pulled out to the front. And hence, the bed is quite functional for a kids room. It is by far, one of the best bunk bed designs for kids.

Becky bunk bed

If you are looking for bunk bed designs for small room, then this Becky bunk bed is definitely the ideal option. After all, it has quite a simple design, with both the beds having no storage rooms, and is connected via a ladder.


Bunk beds are on the rise, and most of the parents prefer these double beds in the nurseries or in their kids’ rooms to avoid any hassles. Choose the design wisely for Wooden Street has several designs stored for you.