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5 Creative Ways to Place 4 Photo Frames Behind the Sofa Wall  

A sofa is an integral part of any living room, but what about the drab walls behind it. Decorating the mundane walls behind your sofa set is equally essential to enhance the beauty of your living room décor.

The wall behind a sofa is the finest object to decorate when you are planning your interiors. It is a plain surface giving you maximum visibility, and it is completely up to you, how you use it to your advantage.

Modern décor flourishes you with a lot of creative ideas for this wall, but an idea which is a timeless masterpiece, in this case, is using 4 photo frames.

A photograph is a memory captured well, and having it on display on our living room wall surely adds warmth into the whole household. A four picture frame suffices the need to bring that touch of love and homeliness into the comfort of your living room while making it a stylized work of art.

Speaking of style, woodenstreet.com offers spectacular designs of 4 photo frame online to help you showcase your wonderful memories.

Still scratching your head?

Here are 5 exclusive designs from Wooden Street giving you unique ways to decorate the wall behind your sofa.

1. Quadra photo frame-

Simple in its design, this set of four picture frames is your pick if you are like symmetry. Comprising of four equally sized photo frames it gives your wall an elegant and classy look. The Mango wood make and black finish only make it look more tasteful.

Place the photo frames in an orderly horizontal line to give the wall behind your sofa a touch of sophistication. The frames measure 8x6 inches with a base of 8x10 inches each, have glass panes in front and are MDF backed.

2. Love photo collage-

Spread out and cover a substantial amount of the wall with this wording photo frame. The letters of the word LOVE are alternately placed with four photo frames making this design stand out among others. This beautiful collage styled piece not only increases the style quotient of your home but also reminds you of the affection it holds. The lettering and the frames are both made of MDF and are colored in a beautiful contrast of black and white, respectively. The back of the frames is removable, allowing you to change pictures from time to time.

3. Spectra frame collage-

Give your wall a designer look with these mixes and match 4 picture frames set. Four differently sized photo frames, the largest being 13x11 inches and the smallest being 9x11 inches make your wall look contemporary and their natural finish compliment all kinds of interiors.

4. Beat photo collage-

Upbeat and trendy this four picture frame gives your wall the much-needed rush of energy. The set comprises of one large rectangular frame, two similarly sized smaller frames and one medium-sized frame making your wall look super stylish. Choose the natural finish for an elegant look or go for the red finish to add some spice to your living room.

5. Conch photo collage-

Four picture frames fused together to form one mesmerizing collage, this design allows you to view four photos in one frame. Ornate the wall at the back of your sofa with this and allure the attention of your guests in no time. Four frames of two different sizes all joined together to make your wall look modish, and the natural finish easily blends in with your interiors.

Find all the above designs online on Wooden Street and browse through many more 4 photo frames to adorn the wall behind your sofa set. Nurture the cherished memories of your past with the gorgeous designs available and create your own story on the surface of your walls.


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5 Types Of Bed Without Storage In Chennai Homes  

We can understand that beds with storage are always a convenient option. They not only help you to store various things, but they also help you to save space. Those beds are best compatible with the houses that consist of concise place. But, when it comes to home décor, several people prefer to buy beds without storage. For instance, if you have a big house, you don’t have to bother about its space. Thus, you can bring a bed without storage without any hesitation. Apart from being comfortable, those beds will enhance the beauty and elegance of your home décor. So, if you are living in Chennai and looking for a bed without storage in Chennai, you are in the right place.

Single bed without storage

Now, this is the best option for you if you live alone. When you bring this bed, it will enhance the aura of your room instantly. Besides, you don’t have to distress about its comfort as well. You will feel fresh and energetic in the morning after spending the night on this bed. You will sleep so comfortably that you will go into the world of dreams. The quality of this bed is also amazing. It is crafted out of Mango wood and comprises of Mahogany finish. To be precise, the design of this bed is quite sophisticated.

Low floor double bed without storage

If you want a bed where you can spend some cozy time with your partner, this is the option for you. It will bring a romantic charm to your room. This elegantly-styled double bed is made up of Sheesham wood.

So, you can acknowledge the fact that it will stay with you for a long time. Besides, this bed has a Teak finish, which makes it even classier. It is best compatible with the houses where the couples stay happily. If you look at the bed precisely, you can acknowledge that each piece of this bed is crafted with care. Single bed without storage with walnut finish If you live a luxurious lifestyle, this is the bed for you. It is a single luxury bed. If you bring this bed on the boards, it will reflect the elegance of your aesthetic taste. The best part about this bed is that it is compatible with all the styles. Be it old school style or contemporary style; this bed will serve your purpose. Also, the structure of this bed is quite sturdy. And for that reason, it is considerably durable. Also, it looks beautiful with its walnut finish.

Single bed with a honey finish

We know that Chennai is quite a populated city. And for that reason, there are numerous issues with space. So, if you are not getting a big house, you don’t have to worry about it. You can opt for this single bed with a honey finish. Even if you have a small house, it will look great in it. The best part about this bed is its honey finish. It is compatible with all types of homes. Thus, it is the time when you must stop your search for a bed without storage in Chennai, and for this bed. Also, the bed is heavenly comfortable.

Low floor Platform bed

This bed will serve your purpose if you are looking for a durable bed. It is made up of Sheesham Wood and comprises of Mahogany finish. Also, the quality of the bed is fantastic. The expert craftsmen craft all the pieces of this bed. To be precise, it will make your home look perfect and will deliver you with a tight sleep. So, these are the beds without storage that you can look for in Chennai.

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3 Types of Bed Designs Suitable for Small Bedrooms  

A lot of people these days are living alone in small apartments. Most of the Indian teenagers and young guns are living in different states without their families for the sake of their careers and jobs mostly choose these small apartments to live. Needless to say, these apartment rooms are not very suitable to accommodate a double bed. Sometimes, these rooms are not very suitable to have a bedroom separately too. So, here are some ideas of modern bedroom bed designs that you can try if you are living in a small bedroom.

The top three types of bed designs that are very suitable for the small bedroom:

·Sofa cum bed:

The sofa cum bed are the very first thing that comes into our mind the moment we think about the best-suited beds for smaller bedrooms. The amazing beds are so popular because of the incredible work efficiency of these beds. You can use these beds as a sofa while playing games or for a get together with friends. You can also use them every day for sleeping.

These beds are fantastic options for smaller rooms because of its versatility. These sofa cum beds sometimes consist of storage options to keep your magazines on the sides of the handlebars. Plus, a lot of latest bed designs comes under the large variety of the sofa cum beds.

Some of the simple bed designs fall under the vast range of these beds. You can try the bed cum sofas as they are the perfect blend of comfort and elegance. The fantastic pattern of wooden grain has carefully included a traditional touch in these beds.

The slatted side racks include some convenience to the design of these beds. The L shaped sofa cum beds are another great design to have in your small apartment. These modern bed designs add the touch of elegance and style to your living room. Plus, you don’t have to search for a bed additionally once you have these sofa cum bed in your home.

·Trundle beds:

Trundle beds are other great options for those who are living with their friends or small family in a small apartment. Trundle beds have a variety of style, and you can customize them if you want. Trundle beds are useful in smaller bedrooms because it takes the space of only one bed if you are living alone. But you can also accommodate sudden guests when you need it. You can slide out the bed below whenever you need it and slide it in when you don’t. The single trundle bed can accommodate two people alone.

Considering the extra bedding under the bed, at least three to four people can comfortably accommodate in a trundle bed. The trundle beds are very comfortable and provide great sleep every night. With the add on quality of dual space makes these beds the most effective best bed designs for smaller bedrooms.

·Divan beds:

Just like the sofa cum bed, the divan beds are another very effective beds for smaller sized bedrooms. The only difference between the divan beds and the sofa cum beds (that also reflects the efficiency of divan beds) is divan beds can be used as a sofa, a bed and provides you with some extra storage space.

Yes, most of the divan beds come with cabinets under it that can store your clothing, beddings or other things you want. Thus, these divan beds are another great option for your smaller sized bedrooms.

These are some amazing bed options to consider if you are looking for some new bed designs for your smaller sized bedrooms. Try them not only because they are very less space-consuming. Try them because they will add a different flavour in your room without consuming much space.

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5 Cupboard Designs To Morph Your Bedroom Into a New One  

With so many trendy designs arriving into the market, people have switched from basic to something unique and different in their choices.

Whether it’s the living room decor or the bedroom or the kitchen.

Everyone thrives for the best everywhere! If we talk about the bedroom, a cupboard plays a vital role in enhancing the look of its decor.

Here are mentioned all the best designs of a cupboard, so, if you’re planning to add to your abode, do have a look.

1. Cupboard designs with mirrors:

This age-old trick of adding mirrors to make the room bigger is known by almost every one of us. Therefore, if you have a compact room, these cupboards will work as a blessing for your room by making it look bigger and better.

Also, with the mirror it acts as a dressing table, so you don’t have to invest in a separate one for your abode. With decorating them in your room, you also get the appropriate space for organizing other furniture too. So, go ahead and bring one for your abode and make it look glamorous in every possible way.

2. Cupboard designs with sliding doors:

Gone are the days, when standalone furniture was in trend and people were only choosing the same monotonous designs for their homes.

These days, people have shifted to the new version of cupboard furniture that has come with sliding doors to them. With occupying very less space, these give you an ample amount of space to store all your clothes and other essentials.

Also, you can arrange the clothes of all your family members in different sections as these offer multiple sections for storage. So, if you want to add a subtle look to your bedroom decor, then bring these designs.

3. Built-in cupboard designs with open sides:

With just adding a door to the already existing cupboard, you can give your bedroom a whole different look.

One of the most convenient designs as these can be created anywhere in the room without putting in much effort. Also, it divides the room into two, so if you want something like that, you may go for these designs.

4. L-shaped cupboard designs:

It’s time to create magic out of the dead corners of your abode with bringing in L-shaped cupboards to it. These are wooden ones that are completely utilitarian.

And if you want to add something different to your bedroom decor, then there is one more option of high glass and gloss that brings a loud and contemporary feel to the decor.

5. Walk-in cupboard designs:

These room cupboards are like a dream in the form of cupboards. With them, you get a massive storage capacity and also a gorgeous appeal to your abode at the same time.

You get to store all your wardrobe essentials like clothes, shoes and many other things in one single place. There are different types like l-shaped ones, u-shaped ones and also the straight walk-in ones, you can go for whichever suits your abode the best.

There is one more way to create a walk-in closet all by yourself. All you have to do is, look for an unused room in your home and then, create some magic out of it. It’s like creating an island layout out of your dull and boring closet.


With cupboards being one of the most efficient furniture for storing all the essentials, also contribute to the aesthetics of the decor.

The above mentioned are all the designs of cupboards available online and even in the market. Go ahead and grab the one you like the mos for your bedroom decor.

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5 Type of Space Saving Furniture for 1 BHK   

A house which has one room, one hall (living room), one kitchen is called a One BHK. In the big metropolitan cities, it’s a major achievement even to have a 1BHK for you. City life comes with major space woes or limitations. Now when one gets the 1BHK, it seems like a nightmare in trying to furnish it.
Decorating your 1BHK could become easy and a bit of fun too if you play smartly and invest in space-saving the furniture. Space-saving furniture is basically multi-utility furniture. These are furniture units that take less space and have a dual function.
Some of the most useful and space-saving furniture is-
●  Wall-mounted folding dining table-
This is a kind of two-seater dining table where the dining table is mounted on the wall and is foldable. The foldable feature of the dining table saves the space. When in use you unfold it and use it, when not in use, you can fold it back. It’s an amazing space saving furniture for any couple living in the fast-paced city, living in a 1BHK
●  Wall-mounted and foldable study table-
Study table all of us need, most of us can’t afford it due to space constraints in our homes. You can easily invest in a compact and foldable study table that can be mounted on the wall. You can easily open the flap, secure it with the latch, and have a study table, and the built-in latch has storage units as well. So, in this space-saving furniture, not only do you get your study table, but you also get storage space for your study needs.
●  Bed with Storage-
Defeat your storage woes with a bed that comes with storage not just underneath in, on the headboard as well. There are beds available with hydraulic storage or drawer style storage, with an option of having shelves on the headboard. The shelves on the headboard can help act as a sideboard. Space-saving furniture in wood is now possible.

●  Wall-mounted TV unit-
A wall-mounted tv is not enough nowadays; you need space to store the set-top boxes, the players, and other knick-knacks. So, a small bookcase, shelves and a tv unit all in one will help you save space and declutter your hall/ living room. They are of various small design.
●  Sofa cum bed with storage-
This is where a sofa can get converted into a bed by lowering the headboard of the sofa. If you raise the cushions, you get a storage unit. This is perfect in case you have guests over and you need an extra bed. They look good and have more storage places. This is perfect space-saving furniture for any home.
Space-saving furniture is not that big an ask if you know what you are looking for. With some great idea’s you will be able to have everything you need for your 1BHK without cluttering it. There will always be open spaces that you can call your own.

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Top 8 Ideas to Decorate Your Table in Bangalore | Go Decorative  

Whether placed in the center of an anteroom, tucked in the corner, or you placed it at entryway like a console table, you can count a number of things which happens on the table. There are many things which brings a gracious character to the abode.

Sometimes tables often become an afterthought, but they are the great opportunity to infuse a room with style. No, it's not the place to cache things you don't have a home for! They are also not the place for a month's worth of newspapers or your five years of National Geographics! Think of them as the extension to bring beauty in the home and you will see the difference.

As, tables in Bangalore online comes in the wide variety of designs, styles, and sizes like a wooden table with storage, bedside tables, round tables, etc. and can be arranged in many beautiful ways. Here are seven ways to decorate this classic piece.

Create a Focal:

I must say, its mandatory! Yes, it creates a massive focal point in the centre of your wooden table.

It can be a mirror piece, an art piece, a big family collage or a figurine. This will add an alluring and welcoming feel to your home.

Add Height:

Decorate the table in Bangalore that sits beside a wall with tall objects like a big vase of fresh dogwood blossoms or a tall table lamp. Adding this will soften the corner of the room and bring the aura that's both cozy and welcoming.

The cluster of Vases:

Add a number of vases (say 3 or 5) that of varying heights that go together — this doesn't need to be identical, but they often work best when they are of the same color or material (for an example, all blue or all white). For more sumptuous look, place the tallest vase in the center and arrange the others surrounding it, working from the big one to smallest, fill the vases with seasonal blooms or cut branches.

Sculpture and Books:

A Great Combination! - Put a sculpture or an object roughly as tall as half the diameter of the round table, and place it in the centre. Next, arrange the piles of your favorite magazine (two or three per stack is usually enough)!

Add Flowers:

Natural or Artificial! Adding flowers to your table in Bangalore is a beautiful way to decorate it, this will add softness and ‘life' to your space! You can also put your flower vase with monuments – to makes it look more cohesive with the table.

Small but Grand Trio:

Small versions of the roundtable can look grand. The key here is not to create traffic with lots of small items. For this, choose two large pieces to fill most of the space, for an instance, the horse sculpture and a potted plant and then place a third, smaller item like a candle or decorative tray in front.

Green Brings Life:

When layering tables, we usually stick with the objects, such as books, lamps, vases, etc. But, to give it life and more visual appeal, add natural/organic elements such as shrubs, orchid, or even a bonsai. You can also place these on top of books to add height and clutter-free space.

Out of Box | Go Under the Table:

We always involve in styling the top of the table in Bangalore and forget about the shelves under the table. This in result, we consequently end up with keeping old newspapers and magazines. Go ahead and add texture underneath the table. You can do this by putting an X-bench or ottomans and pouffes, which will also make up for extra seating whenever required!


Read all the ideas? I hope now you are confident with 8 easy and doable ideas, let's get decorating! Remember to experiment with things, until it doesn't sound Perfect! Try decorating your tables online with creative things you have. This is because tables are not just the basic furniture pieces; these are the units whose presence affects the decor of the home. They are the much-needed furniture pieces which add a functional and beautiful look to space.

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Chairs in Chennai are relatively easy to find. From going through various shops to taking to the internet, you will be introduced to a plethora of options to build the most innovative seating nook in your place.

Be it in the porch or the backyard, be it the desirable window seat in the rain, be it a comforting chair to sit upon at the end of the day, you can get access to so many ideas simply by logging in to the internet.

If you are having difficulty in selecting the type of chair you want to create "your corner" just browse through the available options of chairs in chennai online- one out of the thousands is sure to bedazzle you with its eccentricity.

The Porch Hanger

A very comfortable design, this is for the relaxing Sundays or the lazy weekday afternoons. The chair can be made from ropes or bamboo, or it may even be a plank of polished wood that just needs to be hung from your balcony or porch.

Sit in it and hang about lazily giving off a comfortable vibe after a very busy day. Pair up your chair time with a hot cup of coffee and a nice book and have the time of your life, ignoring the daily cacophony of a busy schedule.

The Window Seat

Pair up a trunk with cushions or get a cabinet cum sitting area set for the window nook and you'll be buying a comfortable time. Sitting beside the window is an exceptional pass time, be it late into the night, early in the morning, rainy afternoon, windy Sundays, and what not!

The cabinet can hold all your favorite books or DVDs, and you can just lie back on this nook with your favorite movie running or immersed in tales of valor and romance and fantasy and the likes.

Bohemian Delight

There is a wild side to everybody, there lives a hippie in everybody, and the bohemian style crafted furniture is for them. Imagine a lovely wooden chair with its warm natural feel, all covered in vibrant, artistic Bohemian art in your room. Yes, the thought is quite pleasant. The idea of owning such a chair and being welcomed by it at the end of the day is quite seductive. So, go on, and get a chair featuring a bohemian style.

Rocking Chairs

The classic example of comfort, rocking chairs have a long way. From the bulky ones of the days of yore to the quirky ones of today, rocking chairs never get old. Pair a rocking chair with a small cabinet beside it that can hold magazines and books and there you have it- an escape from the daily, busy schedules.

Enjoy the soft rhythm of rocking after a hot shower after a busy day and immerse in your thoughts, or a cigar till the comforting arms of sleep caress you into slumber!

The Simple Armchair

If everything else fails, you can always choose the simple armchair. With all the trendy designs and excellent craftsmanship, the simple armchair is no longer simple and can be a center of attraction in your room. The comfort factor has increased considerably, and so has stylizing the simple armchair.

As you see, buying a chair in Chennai is not at all that big a deal. There are so many things that you can do with an article as simple as a chair. You can build yourself the perfect "fortress of solitude", like Sherlock wherein you can just sit back and enjoy your own company!

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5 Gratifying Benefits Of Owning A Single Bed Design  

Gone are the days when single beds were considered to be a piece of extra furniture that just came out at the time of guests coming home.

With the changing times, these have come a long way in terms of functionality and style. Now, people prefer them over double beds with the benefits they provide in the abode.

If you also have one in your home that is kept aside unused, then it's time to take it out and use it as it'll turn out to be exceptionally useful to you.

Just have a look at the benefits offered to you by a single bed design and I'm cent percent sure they'll leave you surprised.

1. Acts as a space saver:

A blessing for compact homes, a single bed design is said to be number one in saving the precious space of the abode. Even if you have a big one, it is quite convenient to have. With utilizing any unused corner of the room, these beds take up a very little room and at the same time not coming in the way when not in use.

Therefore, you can bring them if you want a piece of furniture that doesn't occupy space and still provides you with all the functions.

2. As comfortable as a conventional bed:

If you think that a single bed design in wood is not as comfortable as a conventional bed, then you may be a tad bit mistaken this time.

These beds give the same amount of comfort and relaxation as a double bed because of the way they're built. You may try these beds when guests are coming over to your abode and for sure you'll fetch appreciation from all of them.

Though these are small in size still they never compromise on comfort and peace. If you browse online, you may get beautiful designs of single beds that are specially carved with the motto of giving solace to the user.

3. Enhances the decor theme:

A single bed design plays a crucial role in illuminating the decor of your abode. The best thing about them is that they can complement every type of decor theme with the kind of look they possess. You can place them anywhere in your home and they'll beautifully adapt to that place.

Like, if you place it in your bedroom, it will give you space to sit, read and write with creating a delightful reading corner in your bedroom. While searching online, you may get some of the best single bed designs that can take the decor of your home to a completely different level.

4. Creates a multi-purpose space in your room:

With themselves covering so less space, these beds give you a colossal amount of space for organizing all the other essential furniture in your room.

You can easily decorate everything like study table, bedside table, cupboards or any other item you wish to for creating a multi-purpose room in the provided space. If you're tight with your budget, then you may search for single bed designs with price and in that choose the price filter option.

In this way, you'll get an economical design according to your need and requirement.

5. Easy to transport:

If you compare a single bed design with a king one, you'll find that these are much easier to carry from one place to another without many efforts.

Also, if someday you plan to shift somewhere else, you'll not have to worry much as you can smoothly transport the, without any inconvenience.

Conclusion :

Now, you must be aware of the benefits of owning a single bed in your home.

Surprisingly, they play a vital role in the functionality and decor theme of your home. Therefore, if you want a piece of furniture that gives the same comfort as a conventional bed and can be used anywhere in the home without any inconvenience, then go for it.

Search for the best single bed designs online and pick your favorite that fulfills all your desires and also enhances your decor theme at the same time.

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Top 5 Bunk Bed Designs Above 35k  

When you have more than one notorious soul in your home, arranging for their beds can be a matter of sheer distraught. After all, you can never place them in separate beds because that would be too unfair for them.

On a similar note, you can never place them on the same bed because that would result in night long fights and bickering, which would ultimately keep you both awake for nights.

So, then, what’s the solution?

Bunk beds!

This kind of beds is both separate and united. They form levels, with a ladder or a support system for climbing to the top bed. Both the beds are of a single size, and hence perfect for your children.

This way, they can sleep peacefully without having to argue with each other. At Wooden Street, you will have numerous bunk bed designs for kids, which will ultimately leave you amazed and wondering which one to get.

So, let’s have a look at some of the best bunk beds that you can get from this online platform and make your children feel like Cheshire cats.

Cheshire bunk bed with storage

This particular design is like a small world for your kids. Here, the lower bed has three storage drawers and is slightly extended than the back support frame. On the other hand, the upper bed has a proper wooden fence.

There is a stair just beside both the beds which ends up in a platform like an area. From there, your kid will have to take a big leap to the upper bed, which indeed is fun. Just by the side of the stair frame, there are drawers, which again will enhance the storage capacity of the entire bed. Cheshire bunk bed comes in the teak finish, which is quite warm and inviting to be put in a kid’s room.

Blossom bunk bed

With Mahagony finish, this is one of the best wooden bunk bed designs. Here, the lower bed is quite raised from the ground, thanks to the box storage underneath it. The upper bed has a barricade all around it with intricate designs. By the side, there is a stairwell, which will directly lead to the upper bed. The stairwell is properly guarded by wooden walls so that your kid does not accidently trip over in excitement. Just below the stairwell, there is a small drawer like a compartment for ensuring that you can store small things.

Lucifer kids bed with storage

Here, only one bed is there and that too at the top. Surprisingly, it is still called a bunk bed because your kid will have the ladder to get on the top. Just below the bed, there is a small cabinet shelf with three drawers which can be moved.

By the side of the bed, open shelves are there for keeping books, clothes, and even toys. It almost occupies more than half the height of the bed.

Along with this, you will have a small study table with rounded corners to match the modern style of furniture. And there is a box stool with a foam upholstery sit to keep your kid comfortable.

Douglas bunk bed

Here, the stairwell is in the form of a ladder, attached to the front of both the beds. The upper bed is heavily guarded with a high fence-like structure, thus ensuring your kid will be safe while sleeping.

The lower bed has two storage drawers, which can be pulled out to the front. And hence, the bed is quite functional for a kids room. It is by far, one of the best bunk bed designs for kids.

Becky bunk bed

If you are looking for bunk bed designs for small room, then this Becky bunk bed is definitely the ideal option. After all, it has quite a simple design, with both the beds having no storage rooms, and is connected via a ladder.


Bunk beds are on the rise, and most of the parents prefer these double beds in the nurseries or in their kids’ rooms to avoid any hassles. Choose the design wisely for Wooden Street has several designs stored for you.

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