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5 Steps to Adorn a Crockery Unit Mumbai| Trendy and Dream-like Like the ‘Mayanagri’  
von   Furniture Online

Wondering why I wrote ‘Crockery unit Mumbai' in the title? Well, it is only because I wish to reach the beautiful crowd of Mumbai who is out there thinking how to spruce up their small apartments.

Though I cannot help you to reno your entire apartment in a single blog, but I can help you get a stylish cooking mansion by just adorning the crockery unit in Mumbai trend.

Famous for the fashion trends, Mumbai people ache for getting a decor theme in their home which is outstanding and gorgeous. The crockery unit might seem like a unit that requires zero attention but it can do wonders to the interior if it is embellished with the right elements.

Be it a tall crockery unit in your Mumbai apartment or a small one that showcases only cups and glasses, we can spruce each one of them in a beautiful with these frugal ideas.

So, are you ready to feel the awesomeness? Yes? Then, ready, set and go!

1.Play the game of matching:

Crockery unit Mumbai needs to be showered with trends and the trend tells us to go matchy-matchy. Create a monochrome theme! For instance, if the crockery unit in Mumbai is painted with white colour, then go for the matching housewares of white tones with floral print.

This will make the entire set unified and eye-candy for everyone who visits your home.

Note: You can even paint your crockery unit Mumbai with different colours and tones according to the season. For instance, go for pastels, floral patterns, and calm cool colours for a beautiful summer vibe. And, for winters, go for dark colours and matching housewares in wine tones and plum tones.

2.Light it up:

No, pub-crazy people, I ain’t talking about the Major Lazer song, I am talking about embracing your crockery unit in Mumbai with beautiful fairy lights.

Add tiny fairy lights to the entire structure. This will add a glowing and gorgeous look to the dining area and the cooking mansion. You can even go for installing small LED lights on the different shelves of the crockery unit in Mumbai.

Note: Be gentle with the lighting, as a little extra can make it look gaudy.

3.Go green:

Yes! It is time for us to go green in Mumbai, so let's start from our home. Assemble different types of plants and flower pots on the alternate shelves of the crockery unit Mumbai for a natural and alluring appeal.

Go for pots that are colourful so that your entire set looks funky and stylish.

4.Play with the wine bottles:

Why not dedicate the last shelf of the crockery unit Mumbai! Get the empty bottles that you have been hiding from your parents and paint them in oil paint. Get creative paint patterns over it and transparent oil paints for a boho vibe. Assemble the bottles in the last shelf and put magic beads or pearls inside them. The shelf of the crockery unit Mumbai would be a statement shelf.

Note: There are no limitations, go gaga and assemble all the wine bottles at different shelves and in different patterns on the different positions.

5.A posy can do the magic:

Posy not pose! Read it again. Well, posy - a bunch of flowers can be the best way to bring a splash of colours and a soothing aroma in the kitchen area.

Get fresh flowers from the closest florist or the vendors that you find roaming on the Mumbai streets and place them in a beautiful glass vase. This will instantly light up the crockery unit.


Crockery units are the perfect furniture unit to excel in the storage space in the cooking mansion. Being home to the cooking utensils, the crockery unit cannot make its presence felt. So, to highlight it and to bring it into the light, enlisted above are some decoration tips.

Get beautiful decor by implying the above tips.