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A Buying Guide to the Rajasthani Timeless Beauty - Jharokha’s  
von   Furniture Online

Taking us back to the era, where the queen used to peek through the beautiful jharokha to look at the beauty of the amazing princely state. Well, we can’t have those golden eras back in our ‘urban’ homes, but we sure can have the essence of the Rajasthani culture.

The wall hanging, Rajasthani themed, wooden Jharokha frames can be installed on the vertical space of your room. Whether you wish to give a grand ‘royal' entry to the foyer or you wish to light up the living room with the charm of the traditional vibes, the Jharokha frames are an ace for it.

So, if you have ever been to Rajasthan you might have noticed these structures seamlessly included in the home layout as a window! And, now these are included as a window frame inside the home.

You can create a royal looking mirror by placing a mirror inside the cavity of the Jharokha or you can use it to keep the planters and create a ‘Pinterest-worthy’ DIY.

Adornment for the vertical space that cannot be defined in a single adjective.

If yes, then I have got a buying guide for you to follow for an ideal and informed purchase.

1. Surf and surf, for smooth shopping:

Let's face it, we want everything to be home delivered. And, why not, who would love to knock on every furniture shops after coming tired from work?
Hence, we have the online furniture shops! And, we are going to find you a gorgeous Jharokha design online.
For this, all you have to do is get your research game strong. Find all the reviews about the company and their products, also see if they are certified in providing a premium quality product.

2. Set the position:

Best decor can be achieved if everything is placed in a perfect position! And, the same goes for Jharokhas. For this, all you have to do is spot the corner or a wall that is going in vain because you have no decorative element.
Go for a central wall in the living room or if you are aiming for the balcony then make sure that the whereabout has all the attention.
Note: It is super-important that the place chosen is in the centre, so when someone enters the room, they have all the eyes on the window frame.

3. The one thing that matters - Measurements:

Height, length, breadth, are the keys to an ideal Jharokha. It is important that neither the jharokha looks big on the wall and neither it should look really small.
It should be perfectly sized. Measure precisely and filter out the options that suit it.

4. Types of window frames:

When it comes to the types of Jharokhas, the variety is never-ending. From the one with the mirror attached inside the cavity to the ones with extra wall mounted shelf along with it, the choices are many to serve all individual requirements.
Select the one that suits your requirements, and also adds a splash of colour to the walls.

5. Good material, good life:

If you want that your window frames survive for a longer time, then you have to go through the material list attentively. When it comes to durability, sturdiness, longevity, the first material that strikes my mind is the solid wood. Sheesham, mango, oak and teak wood, are the best ones. Plus, these have resistance towards natural decay.

6. Finish or colour for a Charm:

A charm that never goes out of style or the charm that makes your eyes glitter with all the proud of choosing the best colour. There are a variety of options, select the rustic coloured window frames or the ones which are painted with bright colours, the effect of each colour is different.
Yellows, reds, blues and pinks, are popularly chosen by the interior designers. As these add that ‘push' required to take the decor on the next level.


Enriched with the Rajasthani culture, the Jharokha is the charmer that will amp-up the look of your room. If you are in a dilemma which design will go best with the interiors, follow the above-mentioned points.