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5 Creative Ways to Place 4 Photo Frames Behind the Sofa Wall  
von   Furniture Online

A sofa is an integral part of any living room, but what about the drab walls behind it. Decorating the mundane walls behind your sofa set is equally essential to enhance the beauty of your living room décor.

The wall behind a sofa is the finest object to decorate when you are planning your interiors. It is a plain surface giving you maximum visibility, and it is completely up to you, how you use it to your advantage.

Modern décor flourishes you with a lot of creative ideas for this wall, but an idea which is a timeless masterpiece, in this case, is using 4 photo frames.

A photograph is a memory captured well, and having it on display on our living room wall surely adds warmth into the whole household. A four picture frame suffices the need to bring that touch of love and homeliness into the comfort of your living room while making it a stylized work of art.

Speaking of style, woodenstreet.com offers spectacular designs of 4 photo frame online to help you showcase your wonderful memories.

Still scratching your head?

Here are 5 exclusive designs from Wooden Street giving you unique ways to decorate the wall behind your sofa.

1. Quadra photo frame-

Simple in its design, this set of four picture frames is your pick if you are like symmetry. Comprising of four equally sized photo frames it gives your wall an elegant and classy look. The Mango wood make and black finish only make it look more tasteful.

Place the photo frames in an orderly horizontal line to give the wall behind your sofa a touch of sophistication. The frames measure 8x6 inches with a base of 8x10 inches each, have glass panes in front and are MDF backed.

2. Love photo collage-

Spread out and cover a substantial amount of the wall with this wording photo frame. The letters of the word LOVE are alternately placed with four photo frames making this design stand out among others. This beautiful collage styled piece not only increases the style quotient of your home but also reminds you of the affection it holds. The lettering and the frames are both made of MDF and are colored in a beautiful contrast of black and white, respectively. The back of the frames is removable, allowing you to change pictures from time to time.

3. Spectra frame collage-

Give your wall a designer look with these mixes and match 4 picture frames set. Four differently sized photo frames, the largest being 13x11 inches and the smallest being 9x11 inches make your wall look contemporary and their natural finish compliment all kinds of interiors.

4. Beat photo collage-

Upbeat and trendy this four picture frame gives your wall the much-needed rush of energy. The set comprises of one large rectangular frame, two similarly sized smaller frames and one medium-sized frame making your wall look super stylish. Choose the natural finish for an elegant look or go for the red finish to add some spice to your living room.

5. Conch photo collage-

Four picture frames fused together to form one mesmerizing collage, this design allows you to view four photos in one frame. Ornate the wall at the back of your sofa with this and allure the attention of your guests in no time. Four frames of two different sizes all joined together to make your wall look modish, and the natural finish easily blends in with your interiors.

Find all the above designs online on Wooden Street and browse through many more 4 photo frames to adorn the wall behind your sofa set. Nurture the cherished memories of your past with the gorgeous designs available and create your own story on the surface of your walls.