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5 Type of Space Saving Furniture for 1 BHK   
von   Furniture Online

A house which has one room, one hall (living room), one kitchen is called a One BHK. In the big metropolitan cities, it’s a major achievement even to have a 1BHK for you. City life comes with major space woes or limitations. Now when one gets the 1BHK, it seems like a nightmare in trying to furnish it.
Decorating your 1BHK could become easy and a bit of fun too if you play smartly and invest in space-saving the furniture. Space-saving furniture is basically multi-utility furniture. These are furniture units that take less space and have a dual function.
Some of the most useful and space-saving furniture is-
●  Wall-mounted folding dining table-
This is a kind of two-seater dining table where the dining table is mounted on the wall and is foldable. The foldable feature of the dining table saves the space. When in use you unfold it and use it, when not in use, you can fold it back. It’s an amazing space saving furniture for any couple living in the fast-paced city, living in a 1BHK
●  Wall-mounted and foldable study table-
Study table all of us need, most of us can’t afford it due to space constraints in our homes. You can easily invest in a compact and foldable study table that can be mounted on the wall. You can easily open the flap, secure it with the latch, and have a study table, and the built-in latch has storage units as well. So, in this space-saving furniture, not only do you get your study table, but you also get storage space for your study needs.
●  Bed with Storage-
Defeat your storage woes with a bed that comes with storage not just underneath in, on the headboard as well. There are beds available with hydraulic storage or drawer style storage, with an option of having shelves on the headboard. The shelves on the headboard can help act as a sideboard. Space-saving furniture in wood is now possible.

●  Wall-mounted TV unit-
A wall-mounted tv is not enough nowadays; you need space to store the set-top boxes, the players, and other knick-knacks. So, a small bookcase, shelves and a tv unit all in one will help you save space and declutter your hall/ living room. They are of various small design.
●  Sofa cum bed with storage-
This is where a sofa can get converted into a bed by lowering the headboard of the sofa. If you raise the cushions, you get a storage unit. This is perfect in case you have guests over and you need an extra bed. They look good and have more storage places. This is perfect space-saving furniture for any home.
Space-saving furniture is not that big an ask if you know what you are looking for. With some great idea’s you will be able to have everything you need for your 1BHK without cluttering it. There will always be open spaces that you can call your own.