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Unable to Scan with HP Printer   
von   Savannah Guthrie

HP Printer Phone Number

HP Printers are intelligent devices and they don’t require must efforts to print. The whole procedure of printing goes smoothly and there are fewer hassles involved. But when the new people who try to use the printer, they confront troubles. Most of the time users come across the Problem of Scanning with HP Printer. If this is the same case with you then you can try some troubleshooting of the issue. Or the other way round you are free to reach out to HP Printer Customer Support Number. You can ask for the instant support from the technical executives.

Usually, when you experience the scanning problem, there occurs a message too in Windows stating about the network scanner connection error. But there are methods to resolve it which are mentioned below.

Restart the devices and check the driver scan settings

Turn off the printer and ensure that the printer power cord is connected to the power source directly
Close all running programs on your computer and then shut down the computer
Wait for a while and then turn on the printer as well as computer
Search windows for model name of your printer
HP Printer assistant will open, click scan a document or photo > manage scan to computer and make sure that checkbox is selected to automatically start scan

Check the network and printer connection status

Ensure that the printer is connected to the network be it wireless or wired
On your computer, hover the mouse to the network connection in lower panel and see if it is connected
If it is not connected, then check the status again with your router

Uninstall and reinstall the HP Printer software

When you are still not able to continue to scan then you need to uninstall and then reinstall the HP Printer software from the official website according to the printer model.

You can also run the HP Print and scan doctor. Also get in touch with HP Printer Tech Support Number for better assistance from the technical representatives. They are well aware of all HP Printer problems and solutions.

Source URL: - https://www.technicalsupporttollfree.com/unable-to-scan-with-hp-printer/