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Heather Carroll
( Luxembourg )

Design; Mode; Gravur; Installation; Mischtechnik; Fotografie; Druckgrafik; Skulptur

Heather Carroll - Raptured or Captured  Fotografie

"Raptured or Captured" is a venture into unmapped territory. This photo collage gallery looks at cyber-space, what is it? Can we GO there? Like really? Physically?
I am fascinated as to how myths are born, what is the tipping point that gives birth to a myth or urban legend? How is it nurtured, how does it evolve?
Not wanting to pick up on existing urban legends I decided to create one of my own, that is to say, I allowed a real incident to germinate an idea that has quite frankly become somewhat of a preoccupation (so my friends tell me).
I DID actually see those famous white sneakers in Nova Scotia, Canada two years ago (AND I have a witness). Everything you see or read here is begotten from that first (?) sighting on a lonely beach in Nova Scotia.
The mystery, the titillation, the fear, even a certain hope (see the "Beam me up ET" graffiti) knit together a very plausible theory - at least for me - I DID see those first sneakers and I DON'T pick up my cell phone without checking the id. You never know....
Thanks to all my friends all over the world for their contributions.
All images, text copyright author and named photographers.


Boardwalk, Nova Scotia 2007. Artist Reconstruction

Jogger-Luxembourg. Photo: Andrea Murphy

Visitor Château (Luxembourg). Photo: artist

Wood cutter, Barbados. Photo: Stacey-Jane Choates

Sunday afternoon, Brussels, photo by Trey Swink

Graffit 1

Graffiti 2

Graffiti 2

Woman, Vianden, Luxembourg. Photo:Andrea Murphy

Camper, Ernzen, Luxembourg. Photo: artist

Chapel front in Maredret, Belgium. Photo: artist

An English country garden, photo by Carol Abel

Beamer dog 1-poolside-Arizona. Photo: anonymous

Beamer dog 2 - poolside, Arizona. Photo: anonymous

Beamer dog 3 - poolside, Arizona. Photo: anonymous

Bumper stickers 1

Bumper stickers 2

Bumper stickers 3

Bumper stickers 4

Beamer Board

"Lost", New Zealand, photo Heather Smith

Beamed in Paleochora

Raptured in Brussels


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