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Greeks Mythology Assignment  
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The Greeks followed mythology. Mythology was believed to have been run by three different groups of god. First came the titans, two of them were Gaea and Uranus. The next group was the Olympians; two of them were Zeus and Poseidon. Then after the Olympians came the lesser gods and two examples of them were Demeter and Eros. According to assignment experts from Kangarooassignmenthelp.com, Lycurgus was a lawmaker and He created the senate. The senate made it difficult for a Tyrant to take over. Lycurgus also divided the land equally. Solon was also a famous lawmaker and he also brought laws a constitution and a democracy to Athens. He also made it so every child was supposed to learn how to write and read. Sparta was a city-state that was focused mainly on military and not government. Olympia was home to the Olympics and one of the Seven Wonders of the World, Zeus. Athens was one of the most famous city-states of all and the birthplace of democracy. Delphi was famous for it's oracle and temple of Apollo and the Olympic games also to place here for four years. The Olympics were a Series of games that took place every year in honor of one of the Greeks gods. The god's name was Zeus and Zeus was the king of all gods. The Olympics were important and even wars would be stopped because the Olympics were taking place. Women were not allowed to take place or attend the Olympic games. Some of the Olympic games were chariot racing, which the opponents would race with horses connected to chariots. Another game was stadion witch was a 200yd foot race and the word stadium came from the word stadion. Also wrestling was a popular game.