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Flaunt Your Creativity By Using Interior Designing  
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Interior designing is an amazing and direct way to flaunt your ideas in your home creatively and beautifully. People will always observe the thinking and personality of others by looking at their interiors and furnishing.

All you need to do is explore the fresh and trendy ideas and mingle up them with your creativity.

“You can’t use up creativity. The more you use, the more you have”-Maya Angelou

Its 2018 already and you know that how much the world and trends are changing and growing so fast. You need to know about the fresh ideas of interior design that will be useful for you.

Today we will discuss some of the latest and trendy ideas for Interior designing:

1) Make a small Interior kitchen garden:

You can make a small kitchen garden in between the space of the kitchen and dining area. For this, you can use the wooden planter stands in which you can grow the useful veggie plants like Tulsi, Basil, Thyme, Curry leaves, Green chilly plants and other small bonsai trees.

Arrange the planter stands in such a way that these look like a room divider for dining and kitchen space. This idea will make your space functional, creative, and attractive.

2)Make a Gossip corner in the living area:

Bored at home? Want some spice in the life?? So, pillows on the floor and make a gossip corner in your home and enhance the beauty of your interior designing.

Take bean bags and mattresses, put them in the corner of a balcony, or living area and arrange the pillows, mattress & bean. That corner will give you a comfortable and relaxing vibe. This arrangement can be attractive and looks cool in your home. Your friends & near ones will be happy and always want to come over to your place.

3)Make your living room a home theater:

If you are movie freak and want to watch every latest release, but have no time to go the theater, then you can make your home theater by adding huge media device in your living room. The home theater makes your interior decor unique and enhances the beauty of your all over the design of the interior. You can add a recliner sofa and a stylish coffee table and can comfortably watch a movie here.

This lavish arrangement increases the number of your interior design skills and makes everyone go wow!

4)Make your bathroom stylish and lavish:

A lavish bathroom is a dream for everyone. If you want to make your bathroom like the one which we see in movies and hotels then you can add some lavish furniture units in it. You can add vanity sink, bathroom cabinets like wall cabinets and shelve for better organizing this place. You can add a bathtub and a side table near it. This arrangement will enhance the beauty of your bathroom interior decor.

5)Make your kitchen interesting by adding island and trolley:

Love talking to your partner while cooking? You can place a kitchen island in the mid of your kitchen and make it a little breakfast counter. It increases the beauty of your kitchen interior decor and functionality too. You can easily talk and cook together.

6)Make your bedroom lavish:

You can make your bedroom a lavish place by adding a poster bed, a vintage style dressing table, some bedside tables and a footrest bench near the bed.

You can make your walls interesting by adding fancy wall papers and photo frames on the wall.

This type of interior designing makes your interior look luxurious and beautiful. For a vintage look you can add rugs, carpet and velvet curtains to make it more stylish.


Interior designing is a vast field and you can use your creative ideas here without any rules and regulation. After all, home is your palace and you can do what you want to do here, without any complaints and worries.