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Clive Jaars Trunxbeats artbyX
( South Africa )

Dessin; Peinture

Clive Brian Jaars also known as Trunxbeats, was born and raised in Nasaret, East of Middelburg, Trunxbeats is Co-Founder and CEO of La Rocka Entertainments and founder of ARTbyX, he is currently working on his mixtapes, follow him on all social media... Plus

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Clive Jaars Trunxbeats artbyX  - ArtbyX
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Trunxbeats Lost Verse (Lyrics)  
de   Clive Jaars Trunxbeats artbyX

Reporting live from the gutter life in the projects young riot just getting started I ain't gonna quit the fat bitch on a diet take errthing give nothing back just how I was raised pop's taught me how to live without a nine milli on an waist lemmi tell y'all bout this game with all the money fortune and fame comes allota sorrow and pain just keep ur eye on the ball because the view at the top remains the same if u don't take off steady son your heading for a scary drop been in this bitch since 94ever what ever the atmosphere I weather Been through it all the stumbles and falls just dodged a beautiful storm sprinting on a landmine heading for an avalanche but what's a few bullets to your boy Frankenstein what couldn't kill him made him wish he was dead with no thoughts of suicide I'm to alive its a hard knock life still breathing underground ghostwriting lemmi enlighten you son went to school when I shoulda dropped out life backstage when I should move the crowd Played on mute when you should hear my shit out loud I keep my power circle small and tight with me caught up in the hub already told y'all niggers where I started now I'm gonna tell you how I gots it grind 100 spend like 1000 walk away with 100 000 thats how you make a milli son without the gun turn a rand into two shit ain't that easy when you got your FAM depending on you these tables stand still when you provide em with food if its beef bon appetite...