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Chani Demuijlder
( Spain )

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I am a German visual artist based in Spain. Nature is my source of inspiration and my teacher. I strongly believe in the power of art as alternative language and in the fact that we artists should encourage communication, or even incommode,... Plus

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Back in Lanjaron after one year  
de   Chani Demuijlder

Last weekend, we went back to the small spa town of Lanjarón (region La Alpujarra, province of Granada in Andalusia, Spain) after one year. We were glad to see the people we know again, to stroll through the streets looking at the many fountains... As there was a lot of Sahara dust in the atmosphere, the sky was not clear. The temperature was high enough to hike in the surrounding mountains though - and to finish the day with a meal outside on the plaza. http://chaniscreativespace.blogspot.com.es/2018/04/back-in-lanjaron-after-one-year.html