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Ferrario-Scacchi Elenashirin
( Switzerland )



Ferrario-Scacchi Elenashirin - State of Creation. Still alive.  Photographie

India. Bhuj, capital of Kutch hit by a violent heart quake in 2001 has not yet recovered. The atmosphere is that of a tragedy happened yesterday. The Mirror Palace seems an attempt to keep alive Maharao Lakhpatji’s heritage. Remains of yesterday’s magnificence, today can barely stands straight, deteriorated and decadent. Indians and foreigners explore the precarious structure, hoping it will keep lasting for as long as its memory will. The look in people’ eyes ask, search, keep, demand: the need for their life to be kept in its splendor. Outside Bhuj villages are menaced by modernization. Power stations are built; pollution will follow, with inducted migration and eradication. Locals are threatened to lose their natural environment: so called progress in contrast with local culture. More eyes tell us of keeping alive, still alive, and aware of determination. This contrast between tradition, today’s progress and natural disaster emanates from people’ looks. My intention is to immerse myself and the viewer into such a controversial reality, choosing photography to represent the challenge of this part of mankind.

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