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Kristian Purcell
( United Kingdom )

Dessin; Peinture


Kristian Purcell - Figurative paintings  Dessin, Peinture

The subjects of these pictures can be divided into two categories. I suppose the first is quite autobiographical: my friends, surroundings, travels, experiences, the places I go to drink and watch bands, or sing myself. The second relies on found images for inspiration, the images of people watching nuclear testing, or fashion photo that can be taken out of it's commercial purpose and transformed into something else. Memories have become increasingly significant to me and constructing a picture from a the memory of a moment is a something that is shattered by the use of photography: an image created by the play of light on film or an electronic sensor has little to do with the way our minds record - and often distort - things we have seen.
galerie Suivant

Self-Portrait in Grey with Painting

R34 at Mineola

'Finistere' after Keith Vaughan

Roisin sous la lampe, 2010

She Stands by the Window, 2009

Black and Grey with Red Shoes (Betty Frances) 2009

The Reader (Jack Sharp)

Sarah Dunn, 2009

Mark Sparrow, 2009

The Chess Player (Johnny Parry)

After the Death of Sardanapalus, 2009

Pip Sadler, 2009

The Blue Angel II, 2009

'He writes in his room, she reads him in her room'

Piece by Piece, 2009

A Drunken Silenus, after Rubens, 2009

A Madonna in Orange and Blue, after Munch, 2009


She smokes outside the gate, 2008

The Portugal Man II (Christian Webb)

The Portugal Man

Portrait of the artisti in the studio


Despair II, 2008

Eeva reads her poems from a folded sheet, 2008

Eeva under the Water, 2009

Eyelash Painting

The Audience

Girl in Red

Beccy Singing

In the Blue Chair

James R

Watching the Tests Part I

Watching the Tests: Part II

Watching the Tests: Part III

Watching the Tests: Part IV

In the Hall of Glain Orme

Golden Shoes

The Poetry Reading, 2009

Gemma and Sophia

Beccy Solesbury, 2008

Laura Harbard

Despair, 2006.

Lily wears a hat


The Upstairs Bar, Esquires

The Blue Angel, 2005.

At her desk, 2006.




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