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Volker Schütz
( Germany )

Design; Art Digital; Mode; Installation; Technique Mixte; Multimédia; Peinture; Photographie; Impression; Sculpture


Volker Schütz - Die Schwarze Melusine / Black Melusine  Technique Mixte, Peinture, Photographie

Melusine, the Lady of the Lake, lives among us normal people. But once a week she transforms herself to fishy reptile and no one - I repeat: NO ONE may watch her doing this. It is forbidden. Do not do it! Watch this Picture here instead and no harm will come to You. Look at http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Melusine to learn more about her legend... volker schuetz (and of course no digital nick-nack was used for this picture! It's a double-double Exposure instead)
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Schwarze Melusine / Melusine Noir / Black Melusine




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