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Luigi Centoletti
( Italy )

Design; Art Digital; Mode; Photographie; Impression




Titre   DEJA VU
Artiste   Luigi Centoletti
Art Digital, Mode, Photographie
Figuratif, Pop Art
Série  NUDE
Taille originale  50 X 79,9

Original / Edition limitée

Prix à apartir de :  310 EUR / 384 USD

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fotografia analogica bianco-nero acquisita al computer ed elaborata.
stampa su tela.
black and white analogue photography acquired at the computer and elaborated.
Printing on canvas.
the file has been archived and can no longer be used


  • Thank you for your interest in my works,
    If you are interested let me hope for the title of the work you are interested in.
    I have the possibility to send you the work in two solutions:
    PRINTED CANVAS ONLY: The rolled up canvas inside a sturdy cardboard tube will be sent to you. The canvas will have a white margin of about 3-4 cm that will serve in case you want to later hoop the work, or you want to enclose it in a frame with passpartu.
    PRINTED AND INTELIATED LINEN: the canvas is stretched on a sturdy wooden frame with metal hooks on the back of the frame. The sides of the frame are covered by the printed canvas so as to be hung without the need for a further frame. The picture so built is ready to be hung. It will be sent in an appropriate packaging.
    The price of the work is € 100.00 with a frame and € 80 without a frame.
    Thank you and see you soon.

    par Centilies - 24/02/2018 18:05:12
  • This cars looks good in shape I'm really intending to buy now just let me know the price you can put forward, I Write My Paper For Money if you can let me know the best price of this beauty.

    par billscott09 - 23/02/2018 12:24:12

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