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Anne-Marie Delaunay-Danizio
( United States )

Design; Dessin; Technique Mixte; Multimédia; Peinture; Sculpture




Titre   Death and the Young Man (2010-2013)
Artiste   Anne-Marie Delaunay-Danizio
Technique Mixte
Art Populaire, Expressionisme
Série  Drawings and Collages 2012-2013
Taille originale  25.59 x 39.37 (65 x 100 cm)

Original / Edition limitée

Prix à apartir de :  400 EUR / 495 USD

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This work was done soon after the Boston Bombing and the capture of the surviving suspect. As a way to process this traumatic event, I connected different events together that relate to our vulnerability to war and natural catastrophes, using my personal memories or related memories. I weighted the 19 year old suspect against little Martin, the 8 year old boy killed in the blast, who was full of hopes and dreams, as if the cute but deadly Dzhohkar had killed the young boy within himself. However I also represented the hunted young man, hiding in a white boat, seriously wounded and probably just waiting to die.



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