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Aine Scannell
( United Kingdom )

Art Digital; Dessin; Installation; Technique Mixte; Multimédia; Photographie; Impression; Sculpture




Titre   House Angel (4) detail
Artiste   Aine Scannell
Art Digital, Installation, Technique Mixte, Impression, Sculpture
Ethnique, Figuratif, Symbolisme
Série  House Angel installation photographs
Taille originale  250 x 400 x 30 cm

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It is too fatalistic to consider, that those who are one’s carers, are 'bad' - so very often the child concludes that he or she is the one who is at fault. The damage is done twice over with lifelong reverberations.

White bird feathers swathe the infant doll referring to the preciousness and fragility of a young formless life.
On the surfaces of these metallic forms (which are actually made of paper) are scribed hand-written texts.



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