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Stefan Fransson
( Sweden )

Art Digital; Dessin; Installation; Technique Mixte; Multimédia; Peinture; Photographie; Impression; Sculpture




Titre   Winter turbulence.
Artiste   Stefan Fransson
Abstrait, Architecture, Ethnique, Expressionisme, Figuratif, Art Populaire, Impressionisme, Paysage, Nature, Portrait, Réalisme, Science, Surréalisme, Symbolisme, Art Urbain
Série  N/A
Taille originale  144*144 cm.

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This is an oil painting on canvas..I have for several years been interested in the shapes in the sky.
As my studio is on the top floor,I can se the sky from my window.
This painting took me a long time to paint.It has many layers of different compositions.I felt that it was fineshed in January 2007.
As my works usually follows the seasons,it got a feel of winter,and the movements that where caused by the wind.



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