Teapot & books

Housefascades in winter

Parkwiew with cycles

Coffecup & sweets

Nectarines on a chair

Five lemons

Coffepot, pear & musk melons

Kitchen towel & apples

Liquorish allsorts

Two vases

Glass of water & Coffepot

Acorina & puppet

Brickladle & boxes

Open sandwiches

Four cykles

Sofa with lined pillow

sofa with red & green pillow

Cherrys on a plate

Two boxes & parcel

Two parcels & lemons

Blue teapot


Two pears & a pot

Teacup,plums & lemon

Pots of mustard & wine vinager

Chinese tray & pomegranates

Chinese tray & tea-pot

Green book & cherrys

Parcel, books & a pear

Sugarsifter & fruits

Glassbottle & onions

Lemons & a glass of water

Chocolate box & glassbottle

Fishbowl & lemon

Cherrys & a pipe

Walnut & kitchen towel

Fresh fruits

Parkwiew in winter

Two cykles

Clay pigeon