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5 Innovative Designs of Study Tables for an Indefatigable Person  
by   Furniture Online

Putting extra work into your dreams, is a surety to get across with results that lie beyond your expectations. One thing that helps aid this effort is the environment that you create around the place where you work. Creating an aura is proven to increase the working capacity, many times. Study tables are specially designed furniture units that provide an aura your studies or any other work in a way that doesn’t drain but inspires.

Whether you study in a school or are a collegiate, who wishes to stand par excellence in his academics, you need to put in the work to memorise things or practice problems to hone your mathematical or other subject concepts, and you need a study table.

Entrepreneur of the present times spend hours making their website and business model plans, or researching about getting their work to the next level.

Working in an environment conducive to carrying out he daily schedule that propels you to the next level is mandatory.

Decor affects the ambience of the place in a major way, and furniture is a major part of decor. A comfortable and decorative furniture is what helps give us the right place and aura for carrying out the work at hand. These tables are available in the market in a variety of finishes to suit the room decors of numerous types. The design of solid wood study tables online provides comfort and help focus more on the work at hand. There are numerous wonderful designs of these units in the market. Some of the best ones are mentioned below.

Different Types of Study Tables

Foldable Type Study Table

These are innovative designs of study tables, which are mounted on the walls and can be folded or unfolded according to use. The design is more like a shelf with two slats of wood attached one after the other, in a chain, at its bottom. This arrangement of table can be folded up to the wall mounted shelf when not in use.

Wall Mounted Desk

These models are mounted on the wall with a table top and few drawers below it. Some of the models of these type of desks have shelves extending along the edge that is towards the wall.

Study Table cum Bookshelf

Although most of the study tables have storage spaces, but these are below the table top. There are study tables that have bookshelves attached to them, by the side or above the table-top.

Study Table cum Drafting Table

For the cartographers and chart-makers drafting table is as important as the study table. While the drafting table is used for charting purposes, the study table is used for making records of the same. These tables have both the amenities in a single furniture unit.

Corner Study Table

The corner study tables have an L-shaped table which can be fitted in any corner. This type of table is useful for compact spaces, to carry out more work in less space.


Putting extra effort to your work helps you land on results that lie above all your expectations. You can make the best of the time that is at your hands by creating an aura that is conducive to putting forth this effort. Decor plays a large role in the bettering of the aura, and furniture is a big part of the decor. Study tables are furniture units that are specially designed to provide a comfortable place to carry out studies in a comfortable way. There are numerous designs and styles of these furniture units available in the market.

There are foldable type tables, wall mounted desks, study tables cum bookshelves, study tables cum drafting table, and corner study tables.

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