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Figurines: A Tiny Approach to a Beautiful Home Decor  
by   Furniture Online

Scrutinizing the rules of home decor, the quote ‘devil is in the details' applies precisely to it. A home is made up of every little element present in it. But while furnishing it, we always forget the quintessential whimsical element that can bring the best out of the furnishing as well as bind the room together, which is, ‘Figurine’.

A figurine or a statuette is a statue that can be of an animal, person, abstract art or God and Goddesses. You might have had the accent lighting on, but the effect can be magnified with the help of a figurines in the corner of the room.

The beauty of these home decor essential is that it can be placed anywhere in the abode. From entryway to the bedroom you can spruce up the interior of every zone of your lovely abode with these fantastic home decor item. So, what are you waiting for, find the awkward corners, neglected space and get the work started with the collectable figurines.

Let us go through the points that will help you to find out the corners and also guide you through the different figurines that you could have in a certain zone.

1. Dull corners and overlooked space:

We often neglect the corners and the space that we actually need to pay more attention and move the ‘figurine charm wand' over it. So, list down the nooks that are in dire need of a makeover. It can be the entryway, the corner of the kitchen or dinette room or the space between the two adjacent bedrooms.

2. Surf online for best figurines:

Now that you know which zone of your lovely abode requires a figurine, go online and search the best collectable figurines that will suit best. There are full-size that can be placed in the corner or small size that can be placed on your desk. Select the one that fits perfectly with your home decor and also carries a significance that you wish to depict.

3. Different size different places:

As already mentioned above, the figurines are available online in varied size and patterns. From small size to the bigger ones, every figurine has importance according to its size. Think creative and think wide! Have a keen view at the place you are thinking to accommodate a figurine.

If you wish to decorate a corner of the room, then go for a large figurine which is an abstract art or a modern sculpture. These units look amazing and would make use of the awkward place absolutely perfectly.

And, if you think you need something for your dining table, then there are small figurines that are available in sets like a three-rabbit set, that would look fantastic on the dining table.

Tall figurines can be assembled anywhere to everywhere! Yes, you can use it as an antique in the patio zone or as a welcoming gesture on the entryway.

4. Types of figurines:

The online market is full of the choices of figurines of different genres! So, it might be a daunting task to select one among them. For your help, I have penned down a few of the most used and popular options for the abode.

Buddha Figurine:

If you are looking for something that makes your heart and mind, calm and also satisfies your inner peace then this figurine is the one for you!

Ganpati Figurine:

Start your day or enter your home by taking the name of Bappa with the glorious Ganpati figurine. This figurine can be used in the entryway or living room.

Fish figurine:

It depicts wealth and happiness. So, get one for your abode right now! Place them in the entryway or on the display unit in the living room.

5. Make entryway special:

Go for a Buddha figurine or a Ganesha figurine for the entryway. This will make this zone calm, spiritual and utterly beautiful with their presence. Plus, the first impression on your guests will be wonderful.


Figurines are the embellishments for your dear dwelling. These will spruce up the zone and make the home decor complete. Follow the steps as mentioned above if you find yourself in a constant dilemma of what to do and what not to do.

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