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Bathmate Hydromax Series   Posted 2/17/2019

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About Bathmate Hydro Pump  
by   Lucius Powlowski

Pumps that use water to produce negative pressure on the first tube made by Bathmate Hydroxtreme are more effective and more efficient than traditional pumps that use air.

We sell products that are imported directly from the major manufacturers, namely DXProducts Ltd. The pumps we sell include HydroSeries, HydroMaxSeries and HydroXtremeSeries. All products we sell are genuine.

The Hydro Series is the first version of the pump made by Bathmate, this is perfect for those of you who are just about to start your journey to train and don't want damage because they are not used to using it.

Hydromax Series is a second generation pump, with development carried out based on reciprocal customers, finally Hydromax is made by having a greater strength of 35% than the previous version.

Hydroxtreme series is a refinement of the two previous versions, now this latest pump has a handball pump to facilitate pumping when used, for this series Bathmate as a maker has added complete accessories.

All pumps produced by Bathmate have passed the test of durability and safety, no doubt besides being effective Bathmates are also safe to use. For beginners, it is strongly recommended to use Hydro7 only, with the lowest pressure to avoid harm.

More info visit https://www.hydrobathmate.com/