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Web development Company - Mujadidia Inc  
by   erin rookes

Our Process Mujadidia Inc is an adjudge-winning web development company for a principle. Our team has down multiple development approaches across various platforms and technologies. We are more than happy to work in multiple ways, from agile methodologies to Waterfall preplanned phases. However, we do find that the superiority of our clients prefer a hybrid approach, where we make the MVP second-hand a Waterfall methodology, and then add new characteristic and improvements in the run (Agile). No matter how we found, our process is iterative and embrace multiple disconcert of revisions and misfortune-penitentiary retrace to betroth the ultimate solution is as pious as it can possibly be. At Mujadidia, we take pride in the peculiarity of our work. In management to ensure we are meeting our own exalted standards as well as yours we have a QA team devoted to surveying, testing, and foresees actionable Larsen effect on everything that we produce. Focusing on functionality, performance, reliability, and shelter, the QA brood runs through over 100 reproof points and works with the quiet of the development nine to squash bugs and increase the website.