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Chani Demuijlder
( Spain )

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December, you look like April!  
by   Chani Demuijlder

It is incredible. December is already there, people are rushing to the shopping malls, maybe some of them will enjoy a long weekend next week (December 6 and 8 are legal holidays in Spain, but I will have to work: I am a foreigner working with foreigners). The last month of this year began with fantastic weather: blue sky, little wind. A bit cold perhaps, but we could eat outside though, like in March or April. I enjoyed taking a picture of the coast from Benalmadena's harbour. You see a lot of concrete, but also our dear mountains that are a whole world and can be reached on foot. http://chaniscreativespace.blogspot.com/2018/12/december-you-look-like-april.html