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"I won't hire a programmer unless they can write, and write well, in English learn or teach." I think i'm qualified for that job.

Of course, as a programmer you have to know how to write so you can comment and document your code so other programmers can understand it and work with it instead of rewriting it.

2-Learn C before graduating. (Haven't even started YET)

I've met a few programmers who have told me C is the base of everything, like the Big Bang of programming, but it is true than in school we don't have any courses that teaches us C so i'll learn it by my own on vacations or some break.

3-Learn microeconomics before graduating (No thanks(perhaps yes))

Well of course i have to learn to make business so i can make more moneyyyyyyyyyyyyyy.

4-Don't blow off non-CS classes just because they┬┤re boring. (OFC i won't)

I do have to get a higher GPA, my current one is 2.9 and some ot these non-CS classes help me raise it but sometimes this courses can be very time consuming which is the part i have to get used to in order to get a higher GPA.

5-Take programming-intesive courses. (Seems like a good idea)

I haven't taken any intensive courses but i've done some Codecademy courses which are very helpfull to learn the basics that i need for my current classes.