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Maria Jose Aguilar Gutierrez
( Spain )




Title   The Party (La Fiesta), 2001
Artist   Maria Jose Aguilar Gutierrez
Serie  N/A
Original size  100x81 cm

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The Party (La Fiesta), 2001 Oil on wood. 100 x 81 cm.
The female figure with the foreshortened face covers her back with a Manila shawl, apparel appropriate to festive occasions. Her head is adorned with a Peruvian lily. Given that bullfighters dream about "doing the Américas", where bullfighting fans are widely extended, it is the flower of success. The pendant of golden coins, symbol of the wealth one hopes to achieve, with neither heads nor tails, such as the death which is faced in every bullfight. Two bulls along both sides flank the figure: Talent scratches the Earth while Will, proud with its head raised high, watches the front, both virtues necessary for triumph. In the background a gallery of arches with balustrades above takes us to the bullfighting ring.



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