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Brad Carlile
( United States )


Brad Carlile - Day Amalgam  Photography

Breathtaking in their vibrant colors, the series "Day Amalgam" explores the realities of impermanence in light, color and changes over time. The images reflect hours of transformation as the sun illuminates different portions of the natural scene. All work is done on film and in camera with no digital manipulation.

In normal still photographs any change is rendered as a blur and detail is lost. This series captures that detail. Stationary objects are rendered in their natural colors, while active elements become vivid colors. All work is done without digital creation or manipulation.

Cubist's paintings show a single landscape from different perspectives at the same time. In “Day Amalgam,” I show a single landscape from same perspective at different times.

The series explores the passing of time and man's discordant relationship with nature. The colors take us beyond the romantic sentimentality of traditional landscapes.

Creating these images in camera on film allows me to capture the energy of change while maintaining a grounding in reality. I like to print large to enhance the impact of the colors. The intriguing details of the interactions between colors draw one into an intimate distance to explore. To me, it is important that the images in this series impact the viewer both from across the room as well as under very close inspection.

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