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Olga Bela
( United States )

Drawing; Painting

Olga Bela - Shades of seduction  Drawing, Painting

This portfolio was inspired by writings of the French-American writer Anais Nin. Feminine sensuality of her open even indecent erotic stories, and the personality of the author herself prompted my interest in creating images of seductive sensual women. True eroticism, as expression of sensuality and intimate love, opposes pornography, which unfortunately often called erotica by consumerism-oriented 'artists' and media.
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Elle (26)

Elle (25)

Elle (26a)

Girl wrapped in towl

#2, Nu of Hong Kong

#1, Nu of Hong Kong

#5, Nu of Hong Kong

#3, Nu of Hong Kong

#8, Nu of Hong Kong

Vodka-cranberry cocktail

Elle (30)

Elle (32)

Ocher and blue

Yellow, red and blue

Orange black and pink

Playful smoke (2)

Elle (6)

Crimson dream


No Title

Gold and red

No Title

No Title

Elle (31)

Etude in pink and gold

Ocher and dark pink

Elle (15)

Elle (12)

No Title

Lost in dreams

No Title




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