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Matthew Ling
( United Kingdom )




Title   Manchester #16 - Colour, reflection, people
Artist   Matthew Ling
Abstract, Architecture, Cityscape
Serie  Manchester
Original size  59.4cm x 42cm

Original / Limited Edition

Price starting:   330 EUR / 408 USD

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From my Manchester cityscape series.

I have exhibited in several U.K. cities and also in New York City, U.S.A.

I work in the cityscape.

I find large public areas both mundane and fascinating. I try and photograph reflective materials within them to 'Remix' my surroundings. Windows and mirrored surfaces twist and layer architecture. Views are reversed or thrown out of perspective. I’m attempting to use my camera to re-appropriate the cityscape to make new visual realities.

I am trying to find aesthetic strangeness, views that anyone can see but rarely if ever stop to take in. People have too many other distractions and places to be or others to interact with. No time to look at something reflected in something else.

Some of my photographs are coloured by commercial advertising. Reducing it to colour alone, stripping the corporate messages we are bombarded with, I find useful and liberating. Occasionally words from advertising or civic signs are included, devoid of intended context or mirrored into reverse, abstracted from their purpose.

I like to catch people interacting within the new scene that my eye has framed, making them unknowing occupants of a new, abstracted communal space. I am often given suspicious or inquisitive looks as I photograph. I sometimes capture these looks in my work.

My work is inspired by many, including: Moholy-Nagy, Rodchenko, Futurism, Fauvism, Cubism, Kandinsky, Autechre, Boards of Canada, Captain Beefheart and Ornette Coleman.



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