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Robii Md.Abu naser
( Bangladesh )

Photography; Print



Title   Searching for missed mystery of happiness
Artist   Robii Md.Abu naser
Serie  Parformance Picture
Original size  24x36 inc

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I start to go to the mountain and temple everyday, I was surprised by my self, the nature and the process of climbing interims of physical and level of mountain height acting combined with me. I found my self with some unusual moment which is not possible in plain land. Then I asked some other participant artists to help me to develop in my project, they was helpful to me, interesting thing was that, they want to help me but they don’t know what they can do for me, I asked them to visit mountain once with me, it will be a great help for my project.

It was amazing experience I got in every visit through the mountain with 5 artist friends separately. The relation was changed with them after every visit, what was happening over their? I talked with them on very general issue of life and art from the valley of the mountain; we start to climb and continue the discussion. It was getting close by the height of the mountain, we was gating tired physically but getting closer, after a few hours I found the person unfold and open in his mind, they open their social mask from their personality, innocently they came out from their shell.

Is the expanding horizon line effect on our mind to open up it?
Is the physical tiredness making a distance between body and mind?
Is the bit of climbing action and consciousness of stepping help fulfill the process of happiness?



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