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Robii Md.Abu naser
( Bangladesh )

Photography; Print



Title   Searching for missed mystery of happiness
Artist   Robii Md.Abu naser

Serie  Parformance Picture
Original size  24x36 inc

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I had been experienced the feelings of prayer in my early age by Namaj (Muslim Prayer system) and scientific meditation in my university life.
Then I started to review the mechanisms of climbing mountain, prayer system of many religions, various established method of meditation process, the process of sexual orgasm, the eastern and western classical music, traditional Korean music, the experience to involving with creation with love and many other phenomenon’s of life which make us happy. I distinguished some very close and similar action in our body and mind in every process which can make us happy.

Is the process where we perform physically important to make us happy?
How our mind getting involve with the process? Is it acting with body?
Is it needs to be distant from body to feel happiness?
Is happiness not a conscious feeling? What is spirituality?
Is their difference between physical happiness and spiritual happiness?



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