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Mary Cox
( Greece )

Mixed Media

Mary Cox - From Another Place  Mixed Media

This is a series of mixed media pieces about immigrants in Greece, a "gateway" to the European Union because of its position as a border state . I juxtapose photographic elements with hand-made marks in order to evoke ideas of the new versus the old, and the “real” versus the “ideal”. I use printmaking techniques and layering to refer to a sense of history and change. In repetitive motifs from ancient Greek and Islamic art, I allude to fallen great civilizations and the current destabilization of the status quo. In addition, I render the central figure in a hyper-realist oil painting style, a lengthy process in which the time spent painting minute detail plays an important role in the perception of the piece as a whole.


Parasols, 3 euros


No Title

Thisseion I

Thisseion II

Brothers, Brahami

Cousins, Ambelokipi





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