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Mia Farizza
( Malaysia )

Painting; Photography



Title   blow me away
Artist   Mia Farizza
Serie  the sensualist
Original size  150 x 75cm

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A sensualist is someone who is devoted to indulging the senses.

Sensualists loves eroticism. Usually romantic, they give a lot attention to scents, textures and anything that stimulates and teases their senses. Scented candles, petals on bedsheets. Fabric on naked skin. Long massages, walking in the rain, kissing for hours. Dancing naked in front of the mirror, looking at a lover’s eyes intensely..

It’s about staring at a bunch of colours and finding a different beauty than the one that greeted you initially. It’s about letting yourself be swept off your feet, bedazzled by colours that you did not think will captivate you much but letting it eat you up furiously, fully; if you let it.



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