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jordy sausseau
( France )

Design; Digitalkunst; Zeichnung; Mischtechnik; Malerei



Künstler   jordy sausseau
Zeichnung, Malerei
Figurativ, Surrealistisch
Serie  Keine Angaben
Originalgröße  30x40cm

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Acrylic .J.SAUSSEAU 2007.
Sat at starbuck reading sports' news,I'm sippin' my tall coffee 'thinking about the price of metro' tickets then again why is it that I'm unabble to give some change to the undergroung' beggar just because of the fear of having the eyes of perfect strangers staring at me on the given moment I'd scrub in my pocket looking for some change ...thought I'm satisfied that french Women's tennis 's doing good.

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