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Gila Paris
( Luxembourg )

Digitalkunst; Installation; Mischtechnik; Malerei; Fotografie; Druckgrafik

Gila Paris - Luxembourg & Short Distance - A city's context II  Digitalkunst, Fotografie

same city - another vision ...Luxembourg-city. The first picture shows the city during the day. Let's begin with the night pictures, image 2. A city’s musical context… It's Friday night - the night is foggy, rainy. Winston leaves his office ...late... It's not far to walk home... turning left, then right, then left again ... seems there is always music in the air…
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City of Luxembourg



John Coltrane – My favorite things

Thelonius Monk Quartet – Round midnight

Jan Garbarek, Egberto Gismonti, Charlie Haden - Si


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