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Heather Carroll
( Luxembourg )

Design; Mode; Gravur; Installation; Mischtechnik; Fotografie; Druckgrafik; Skulptur



Titel   tutuk tumai
Künstler   Heather Carroll
Fotografie, Mischtechnik
Ethnisch, Symbolistisch
Serie  Aggunaqtuq
Originalgröße  variable

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Tuktuk tumai, caribou tracks.
Photo-collage of clay forms and caribou lichen.
The migration of the caribou herds continue but their migratory trails also continue to be hounded by the commercial exploitation of its surroundings. Here the super-imposition of the caribou headforms onto the lichen evoke the tracks of the caribou as they follow their migratory paths across the lichen rich plains of Labrador. Many changes have crowded them out of certain areas, what changes lie in wait for them?

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