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Heather Carroll
( Luxembourg )

Design; Mode; Gravur; Installation; Mischtechnik; Fotografie; Druckgrafik; Skulptur



Titel   Inuuliqpaliajuq
Künstler   Heather Carroll
Ethnisch, Symbolistisch
Serie  Aggunaqtuq
Originalgröße  40cm x 30cm

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Ansicht(en)  6867  | Gesamtwertung  1,5 / 5 (    )

Sculpture in Luxembourg sandstone

A birth should be celebrated but not always. Shocking and sad, foetal alcoholics are a known phenomenon in some parts of Labrador. Drinking heavily throughout pregnancy can create an alcoholic in the womb. I discussed this with many people including social workers, lawyers and nurses. Barely 100 years ago the native people of Labrador were living a traditional life. Hunting, fishing, trapping. They had their summer and winter camps. Life was about following the seasons, life was without alcohol. Today these people rarely hunt and they live a sedentary life. Culture shock is a term but is a weak description of a peoples' life turned upside down, inside out. Alcohol is, for some, their escape from reality and sadly, children inherit this illness and wear the mask for life.

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