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Florence HOFFMANN is born in Luxembourg-City. She is manager for Luxembourg at the international artists organization AIESM. She has co-organized in her country the 2010 Biennale 'Reg'art at Kayl-Tétange (L) , th e2009 "Nano- 1st international miniature sculptue meeting" at Junglinster (L), the 2000 and 2002 Biennale de Beaufort, and since 2003 the Gare Art Festival in Luxembourg-City, having taken part herself to around 26 symposia through the world, during the last 12 years.

Her working-material is quite different according to the theme and idea she chooses to treat. Her art-pieces are either small or monumental. Ephemere sculptures are as important as permanent ones such as: sand, snow, fire, resin, bronze, plaster, wood, steel.
She uses as well recuperation-objects like books, shoes, or even glasses (just to mention these) in some of her works which can belong to either to semi-figurative, than abstract and conceptual expression.
Her main and recurrent theme is: human being, mankind, aspects of human behaviour and their interaction with each of one of us all.
She has permanently installed works in Luxembourg, Canada, Mexico, Thailand, France, Japan

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