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Chani Demuijlder
( Spain )

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I am a German visual artist based in Spain. Nature is my source of inspiration and my teacher. I strongly believe in the power of art as alternative language and in the fact that we artists should encourage communication, or even incommode,... Mehr

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Sunny pool  
von   Chani Demuijlder

Those days, we are quite lucky here at the coast. Tourists of different countries are enjoying short breaks and half term holidays here at the beach, mostly under the sun and with pleasant temperatures, while parts of our province (not even so far away) are in state of emergency, suffering severe floods. (We only have to struggle with the driftwood on the beach). I notice that the end of the year is approaching rapidly now. Clients ask about my (not planned yet) winter holidays, and yesterday, I ordered self-made Xmas cards at Fine Art America and new calendars. As always, I prefer to be prepared on time than having to rush in December. ;-) http://chaniscreativespace.blogspot.com/2018/10/sunny-pool.html