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Selina Miller
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Connect Alexa To Sonos & Sonos Play 1 Setup   Veröffentlicht 05.10.2018

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Connect Alexa To Sonos & Sonos Play 1 Setup  
von   Selina Miller

We are aware of the right steps to Connect Alexa to Sonos, so if you have both devices in your home and looking to connect both together, then that is quite simple. You can follow the steps given online and make it happen or you can call us for the same. 

We know the right steps for Sonos Play 1 Setup. If you want to use Sonos Play 1, then it is important for you to know the right way of setting up this device. If you have checked the official site of the company to check the steps for setting up Sonos Play 1, but haven’t found anything useful, then you can call us.