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Kumar Raj
( Afghanistan )

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Freelance IT Specialist   Veröffentlicht 22.02.2019

Statement of Work (Sow)   Veröffentlicht 21.02.2019

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Audio Visual Technician   Veröffentlicht 08.02.2019

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Microsoft Certified IT Professional    Veröffentlicht 06.02.2019

Wireless Communication Technician   Veröffentlicht 05.02.2019

Avaya Certified Solutions Architect   Veröffentlicht 04.02.2019

Wireless Communication Technician   Veröffentlicht 01.02.2019

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Freelance IT Specialist  
von   Kumar Raj

IT specialists are involved in the design, operation and maintenance of IT systems used by businesses of all kinds, as well as public sector institutions. They deal with everything from hardware and software to networks and web resources. At times, they work with consultants and vendors to implement new systems and integrate IT processes for clients. FieldEngineer.com is a real-time platform that allows you to find professionals at a moment’s notice and then track the job as it moves through its various stages. Order management, worker tracking, payment, reporting and analytics, among many other things, can be taken care of swiftly and easily on the platform. It’s intuitive, simple and it helps you get the job done properly. Read More : https://www.fieldengineer.com/c1/hire-freelance-it-specialist How it works : https://www.fieldengineer.com/c1/hire-freelance-it-specialist