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Kumar Raj
( Afghanistan )

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Avaya Certified Solutions Architect  
von   Kumar Raj

First and foremost, Avaya Certified Solutions Architects offer technical and analytical support to their clients. They must identify, analyze and resolve issues relating to highly complex computer systems. The specialist must evaluate organizational needs and creating Avaya-based solutions based on them. They should examine customer data and voice typologies to assist in modeling, analysis, and planning. The specialist collaborates with members of other departments to resolve disputes relating to system design, quality control, and security. They deal with multiple technology providers and assist in integration analysis and test plans. The professional makes recommendations and approvals relating to major system installations. They create software with engineering, business, and database management functionality. They should have sufficient technical understanding of products. The professionals can participate in the creation of diagrams that depict both existing and proposed environments. Having proper knowledge of Avaya ASD Quoting tools and processes is an added advantage. Read More : https://www.fieldengineer.com/skills/avaya-certified-solutions-architect