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Data Center Operations Technician Back to Skills Directory  
von   mercy trigris

Data Center Operations Technicians are responsible for operating data center maintenance and operations equipment. They work as a technical resource providing assistance necessary for day-to-day data center operation. The technician ensures minimal downtime of data center equipment and plays an active role in maintaining its mission-critical data servers.

The technicians must make sure that the issues are escalated appropriately. They should work with high concentration and attention regarding security issues such as including passwords, access rights and privileges, confidentiality, virus, and many other threats. The professionals have to maintain and monitor tape rotation logs, security logs for data center access.

It is the responsibility of the Data Center Technician to communicate provisions of data center policies. They have to take off the physical appearance of the data center. The technician should work in close coordination with Network, Server and Telecom teams and report any issues they encounter.

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