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5 Striking Bar Cabinet Types for Bangalore| Electronic City, Electric Choice!  
von   Furniture Online

Addressing the folks of Bangalore, partying holds equal importance as working hard at an IT firm! And, if you hate the noisy pubs and the busy lanes, I am here with the different types of bar cabinets in Bangalore.

Cut the lanes, and get forth with the idea of house parties, where you can enjoy a drink that is placed at just arms reach. The bar cabinets for Bangalore apartments are the one full-proof solution for keeping your lip-smacking and mind-swirling wine or hard drinks bottles.

These are available in a vast variety, equally divided in different designs, types, materials and finishes. You can go for a normal one to give a bit change in the interior decor, but if you have an electric and contemporary choice, then I have an entire range for you.

For adorning the home and to also include storage space, that is exclusive for your ‘intoxicating collection’, I have researched a lot about the contemporary design which will fit within the taste of Bangalore people.

Let’s explore these:

1. Compact and straightforward:

For the ones who follow the ‘no-nonsense’ choice, we have this bar cabinet for your Bangalore apartment.
Simple in approach but the design still engages everyone with its subtle and elegant beauty. It has multiple shelves, bottle holders, glass holders and even some of the design have a straight long table-top!
The table-top lets you act like a bartender all night. Plus, this electric choice comes with a hidden advantage - it can be used as a divider if your room is a plain layout.

2. Tall, narrow and beautiful:

If you don't wish to convert an entire area into a bar, then go for this design. This cabinet will fit like a glove in the corner. These are tall and thus have ample shelves with bottle holders and glass holders in it. You can appropriately and systematically assemble all your valuable collection.
This design can be assembled anywhere in the abode! You just need a corner, and your bar area is ready.

3. Wall mounted bar cabinets:

If you are a bachelor in Bangalore, then bar cabinet mentioned above would not be a good idea. Opt for the wall mounted ones, as it will save oodles of space in your bachelor pads.
It will be affixed on the wall with the help of screws! You can store the wine bottles inside the cabinet. The perk with this amazing bar cabinet for Bangalore is that if any kid visits you, the bottles will be out of their reach.
Best suited for the wine aficionados!

4. Wrap around full-sized bar cabinet:

If you wish to have a room that is entirely dedicated to bar or you wish to have a zone that gives you the feel of a pub, then this bar cabinet for Bangalore is perfect for you.
It is U-shaped and has space in between where you can stand or hire a person for the bartender role. The extended counters on both sides facilitate smooth working, meaning, the bartender can serve all your guests around all the corners of this furniture unit.
It has shelves and drawers at the rear side so that the person can reach out for the bottles and make a cocktail with ease. This design is apt for big mansions or for the bars in Bangalore because of the significant size.

5. Foldable magic:

Go for these if you have limited space in your urban apartment. This cabinet has a simple closed cabinet which can be extended from both sides for a complete experience. You can use the platform that opens up as a place to create cocktails. This design is flexible, compact and efficient.


Versatile and bold, the above-mentioned points showcase the different bar cabinets for Bangalore. Select the one that fits well with your interior decor and also your wine bottle storage requirements.
Go for the solid woods such as sheesham and mango wood if you want your cabinet to last longer! Plus, it offers perfect durability, sturdiness and natural appeal.