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How to Buy an Ideal Shoe Cabinet Online?  
von   Furniture Online

Shoe heap, shoe problem or clutter of shoes, no matter what you use to indicate the messy entryway of your home, this is a nagging issue that you have to get rid of. And, the shoe cabinet is the furniture unit that will solve it aptly.

Home to the feet-protector and also a way to keep your entryway free from clutter, the shoe cabinet is the best furniture unit for storage.

Shoe cabinets are available online in a multitude of designs, types, sizes, materials, and finishes! Some of these provide extra stool affixed with the shoe cabinet while some come with open shelves design.

You can get ample perks if you choose a shoe cabinet design with or without doors that is ideal to your requirements and theme of the abode.

As the collection available is wide! We must be very careful while checking on the specification provided by the furniture store. And, for this first, we have to find out what are we looking for in our shoe cabinet!

I have penned down a few points that any individual buying a brand new shoe cabinet must keep in mind.

1. Decide the location and start measuring:

The first step to an ideal shoe cabinet is to decide the place where you are going to assemble it. Whether you are planning to establish it in the passage or you are thinking to get it placed decently in the living room, the shoe cabinet can be placed anywhere.

Best place and the most commonly used place at which the shoe cabinet is placed is in the entryway as this area needs to be more presentable and welcoming.

The next thing after deciding the location is to measure it with an eagle’s eye! Note down the dimensions that you are looking for - width, breadth, and height!

2. The material of the shoe cabinet:

When we search online for the shoe cabinet, we come across an array of options made from multiple materials. From metal of rustic look to wooden with the traditional rich feel, the shoe cabinets are available in every material with different appeal. Wooden shoe cabinets especially the ones made from solid wood such as sheesham, teak, oak, and mango. As these prevail in the durability and sturdiness aspect.

3. Aesthetics of shoe cabinet:

It is important to choose a shoe stand that blends seamlessly and beautifully with the interior of the home. As if we miss this point, we might end up making the entire room look ugly. For this purpose, match the theme of the room with that of the furniture. This will ensure that the overall look is refined, adds edge and beauty to the decor as well as itself looks amazing.

4. Type of shoe cabinet:

Next on the checklist is to select the type of shoe cabinet you require! There are shoe cabinets with doors, without doors, bench style shoe cabinet and wardrobe style cabinet.

Choose according to the decided measurement! The open shelf design is best if you have less collection of footwear while the bench style shoe cabinet is best if you wish to get a perfect sitting unit where you can relax and open your shoes.

Thus, filter out the one that satiates your requirements.

5. Try and get ample storage space:

Whether the shortlisted shoe cabinet is small in size or large, we can always choose to customise the design. So, decide the number of shelves and cabinets that you need in your shoe cabinet. Have a count of the number of footwears you own and then accordingly decide the number of storage space.

You can even have a drawer in your design to stack all the polishes, brushes, foot spray, etc. You can even use them to keep the keys that you always lose track of.


Shoe cabinet is the best way to keep your entryway clutter-free and systematic. Read the tips as mentioned above to find your ideal shoe cabinet online. Select the one that meets your requirements and also blends seamlessly and beautifully with your interiors.