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Home Decor Items: Attain A Classic Medley of Contemporary and Luxury  
von   Furniture Online

Sticking to a palette and painting the entire abode with the goodness of uttermost comfort and beguiling luxury, is what the home decor demands!

Home decor techniques involve that the house is smooth with its structure, i.e., there should be no hindrance between two areas of the abode. Which means that the home should fluidly flow from one room to another.

And, for this, we need to incorporate home decor items that match with the existing furniture and creates a beautifully blended aura.

Start from the living room and end on the bedroom, but what and how to include the home decor essentials is a big thing to focus on. The online furniture market is full of options like lamps and lighting, home furnishing items, bedding essentials, wall arts and hangings, and many more.

But how to create a harmonious balance with the home decor products is hard to attain. So, if you are in a muddle, then follow the above-mentioned points and filter out the options that you want in your home decor.

As we are going for a contemporary and luxury tone, we will follow three colours, blue, grey and black! You can choose and change the points according to your decided home decor theme.

1. Home Decor - In the Living Room:

We will have a smoke grey theme in it! So, read the points to do so.

-> Firstly get online and search for the grey sofa sets with tapered legs to give an illusion of lightness in the room.

-> Then, browse the home decor section on the furniture site and get the rugs and carpets. Go for a light tone, yellowish or creamish velvet rug to attain the luxury look.

-> And, choose the curtain with the smokey grey look. Make sure the curtains are made of flowy material to harmonise with the theme. Not forgetting the cushions and covers, go for block printed black ones.

-> Install artificial flowers or green plant beside the TV display unit.

-> And, if your living room is big enough then go for a tripod lamp in the corner. This home decor essential will instantly light it up.

2. Luxury Tones with Home Decor for Bedroom:

For the bedroom to be similar to the home decor theme of the living room, it is important to follow the same palette.

-> Go for an upholstered bed with diamond tufting and a light grey fabric.

-> Next on the train is the home decor items, like mattresses and bedsheet. Go for a light tone Grey-ish bedsheet and atop it with a comfy quilt.

-> Silky grey curtains as used in the living room is the next adornment. This home decor tip will give the bedroom, a breezy and light look.

-> Accompany the bed with a table lamp of modern aesthetics and pattern. It will make the room look bold and beautiful.

-> Pillows should be stripped printed to add height to the room!

-> Embellish the wall at the back of the bed with a large black abstract painting for a special appeal.

Overall this will create a smokey appeal for the bedroom.

3. Home decor items to include in the kitchen:

The kitchen is the heart of the home and in modern apartments, these are lined up against the living room wall and dining room wall.

For adding home decor items in this place, while keeping the contemporary and luxury theme in mind. The only entity that I can think of is the small wall arts and hangings.

Go for grey coloured, or black and grey patterned frames to adorn the walls. And, for a luxury appeal get those modern hanging lights with the abstract shape.

A bright coloured home decor rug will be best for this Grey-black-white theme.


The colour palette for the entire home decor has to be chosen by you! You have to strictly embrace it in all the zones of the home.

The above-mentioned points indicate the contemporary and luxury

theme by using home decor items in only greys and black.

Go online and search for the perfect home decor essentials right NOW.