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5-Fab Single Bed Designs to Incorporate in your Small Room  
von   Furniture Online

Whether you wish to have a reposeful sleep or you wish to crash into the ocean of relaxation, the bed is the first thing that strikes our mind. And, no matter what the design is, i.e. single bed design, king, queen or customised, the bed is the best place to chill out.

There are a plethora of designs available in each size of the bed, but it’s amazing to see the single bed design being the stylish entity, nevertheless the size.

Single bed design with its intricate designing can satiate the needs of every decor. From classic, contemporary to traditional and luxurious, the single bed designs can fit into the smallest place and any decor.

Best single bed designs are available in intricate patterns, materials, and styles. So, you can decide which suits the best with your décor.

But, the problem occurs when you have a range of different single bed designs in front of you, and each one of them is beautiful in its own unique way. If you are planning to get a single bed design, then read below about the best ones that are worth every penny.

1.Traditional single bed design with or without storage:

Classic wooden single bed design with or without storage will give a warm, elegant and rich ambience to the bedroom and also provide a decent place to sleep.

The single bed design without storage is available in a slatted pattern or floral carving on the headboard as well as footboard. While the single bed design with storage come in different styles.

For instance, there are single bed design with drawer style storage, hydraulic storage as well as headboard storage. With the single bed design with storage, you get storage space for storing all the clothing, extra bedding essentials and many more other things.

Go for it if you are a bachelor as it will serve as double furniture, i.e., a bed and a wardrobe.

2. Trundle Single bed design:

You won’t stop amazing after seeing this single bed design. It has two beds in a single bed frame. The secondary bed is beneath the top platform and can be opened when required with the handle provided.

Plus, some of the single bed trundle design has storage also. There are drawers at the base and shelves and cabinet on the headboard. Thus, this single bed design satiates the need of style, uniqueness, and extra storage.

Best for guest rooms, kid’s room, and rooms that are smaller in dimension.

3.Stackable single bed design:

Yet another design to make you go Wow. The stackable single bed design is made for those who like to make their room look bigger, but also want that they have enough space to provide guests with a comfortable place to sleep.

The stackable single bed design has two beds, one on top of another. The upper bed is detachable and can be placed next to the lower one, creating a double bed.

Mainly available in sleek and slender, this single bed design is also available in beautiful floral carvings and modish patterns.

4.Bunk bed designs:

Popular, fun and space saver, these single bed design acquire the area of a single bed but provide two beds. Best for kid’s room, this design includes a beautiful ladder that takes you to the upper bed frame.

These single bed designs will spruce up the interiors instantly. Make sure if you choose this design then you check each and every part of it carefully.

Also, check the quality of the material used in the making as well as see if the ladder is properly glued and affixed with screws to avoid any mishaps.

5.Single upholstered bed design:

Single upholstered bed design has a high headboard that is fabric upholstered and has a tight diamond tufting for a gorgeous appeal.

You can select this design in different colour fabric to bestow a splash of colour in the room.


Single bed design can make a small bedroom appear bigger and better. Select the design which blends well with your decor and your requirements. Highlighted above are the best single bed design that can light up your small bedroom in the best way possible.