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Easy and Exotic Hacks to Drape Lamp Shades  
von   Furniture Online

Lamp shades are becoming a trailblazer in this era. Though buying exotically carved lamp shades is easy but making your own is sassy. Isn’t it fun to show your guests of how much efforts you have taken to fabricate a lamp shade, while only you know how much? Below are some light shade hacks used to doodle lamp shades that are easy to make and exclusive to an array.

1. Travel Diaries:

A slide show is nowhere close to presenting a power point presentation but rather blazing your dream tours on it. You can stick a collage over the lamp shade of your dream cities, or places you have already visited. And array an entire slide over the lamp shade from Chandni Chowk to China. In this way is highlighted a funky yes fascinating lamp shade filled with your favorite places.

2. Butterfly Flight:

An easy and a girly DIY to an array in your girl’s room. Take a black chart paper and cut two long and broad wings from it. Cut some fancy patterns through the wings and stick a transparent sheet in the gift so formed. Cut another piece to form the body of the butterfly. Stick this butterfly right on top or at a side of the table lamp shade. And in this way, it is arrayed a fabulous butterfly lamp shade for your girly room.

3. Best Out of Waste:

Whenever you step into your store room, the one thing that stays constant is “a pile of newspapers gathered at a side”. This DIY is meant to support this best out of waste, and this is how: Cut down some newspaper clippings with different fonts into random shapes. Find a light shade that is translucent enough to emit bright light. Stick the paper clippings over the lamp shade to form a collage out of newspapers on it. Blaze the light and will highlight who did what and why but in a rather distinct way.

4. Pearl Pop Up:

Pearls are amongst the prettiest forms to dedicate elegance to any abode. You can doodle pearls of different shapes and sizes over the lamp shades to prettify its appeal. For the purpose, stick some pearls of equal sizes on the seam of a lamp shade. And start going randomly from right above the seam line. Stick all sizes of pearls from very big to very small. All at one side or none at one side.
From a bunch to solo, stick every type of pearls over a lamp shade. Also, the beautiful appeal will go even more beautiful when you work upon a bell-shaped lamp shade. And in this way is ready an epitome of elegance via pearl lamp shades.

5. Stick Some Satin:

If you love creativity, but you are too lazy bean to attempt any form of hard work, then this is an easy hack to vamp your table lamp shade or standing lamp shade. All you have to do is get some satin ribbons in metallic shades such as gold. And stick it over the lamp shades horizontally and in equal spaces. In this easiest form is formed a lamp shade with a symmetric alignment.

6. Jewel Lamp Shade:

Jewel lamp shade can be the prettiest form of table lamp shade that you can use to revamp your abode exotically. All you have to do is buy at least ten thin bead neck pieces. And drop it symmetrically over the lamp shades to form a Cris cross over the lamp shades with beads.
Also, you can vamp some beads hanging from the seam of the lamp shade. This will bring about an astonishing appeal of lamp shades via neck pieces.


Lamp shades can be an extremely appealing tool to add to the abode if posted and played in a picturesque way. Use some easy DIYs from what you have in your drawer to execute an exotic epitome to your home.