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2019 Bed Guide to Follow for A Gorgeous Abode  
von   Furniture Online

The new year has just begun, and it's time to get those new year resolutions you took to keep your home up-to-date and classy, on board! Let's start with the most important and fundamental unit of the home furnishings, ‘Beds'.

It is the place we spend most of our time in. Sleeping, reading, writing and even surfing through the television channels, everything to anything has to be done on the bed sitting all cozy and comfortable this winter. And, why not? We deserve those lazy time after working hard in the offices. But, have you ever thought of the variety of beds available online?

The variety of wooden beds available on online stores cannot be counted, and there are beds with high functionalities and gorgeous designs, some simple yet captivating. So, selecting one among them becomes a troublesome job!

Here, I have penned down a few tips and tricks that could help you have a clear insight about which bed to place in which zone of the abode.

1. In the living room:

Yes! Beds have significance in this lively place too. Divan beds and sofa beds are the types of beds that can make their space in this area. Divan beds are the style staple for the living area, and these are mainly low seated beds that acts as a traditional seating decor for the abode. You can use them as a place to entertain guests and also use it as a comfy bed to sleep.

Sofa beds are the next on the list of impressive furniture units. These can be a sofa as well as a bed, plus the options of storage are many in it. There are sofa beds with headboard storage, sofa with internal storage and many more. The beautiful upholstery and the comfy seating will bestow you with a place to enjoy the gossip time with family and also be a soothing bed platform for you.

2. In the guestroom:

The guest room has to be welcoming and satisfactory decorated with the furnishings that can serve them with dual functionality. As this area is the smallest compared to other rooms, so you have to careful in selecting the bed. Don’t worry I have your back.

The options that I suggest are trundle beds, bunk beds and single beds. And, all of them with storage options. Trundle beds are the wonderful bed frame that has two sleeping platforms, but the bed is single sized! Yes, you have to bend down and pull out the other one with the help of handle. The next is the single bed with storage which is a perfect fit for the guest room. The guests can comfortably store their luggage with ease and also sleep peacefully. Bunk beds are the best beds! Yes, bunk beds for adults are the best as they cover an area of a single bed and provide you ample space to entertain guests.

3. In the bedroom:

Beds rule in this area. From double beds to poster beds and upholstered beds, there is an ocean of variety to choose from. Poster beds can be used if you wish to attain a royal, traditional look while upholstered beds give a lavish and modern look.

Highly comfortable, amazingly beautiful looks and perfect size, should be the three factors while choosing a bed for the bedroom. The queen size, king size and double beds require extra floor space, so might have to check the dimension of the room properly.

Make sure you match it with the theme of the room otherwise the entire decor will look like a misfit.


From traditional bed frames to the contemporary designs, every bed has a significance in the different zones of the home. Beds are the fundamental furniture unit that not only relieves you from all the stress by being a sleep-buddy but also adorns the overall look of the room. This new year, follow the above-mentioned tips to incorporate different beds or assemble separate beds in different zones of the abode. Note that you get a perfect bed which suits the floor layout of your room.