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What type of features does GoDaddy give in $ 1 web hosting?   

GoDaddy is one of the top domain registration companies all around the world. From many years the company provide domain and hosting at the affordable price. With $1 web hosting you will get all the hosting services at the cheap price. If you are searching for the web host GoDaddy is the best selection for you. Here you get all the services and features starting at just $1. Here you can archive so many essential features according to your need.  Uptime network guarantee  Free Domain Name  Unlimited web space, database, and email account  Quality support Some features of GoDaddy $1 hosting  Unlimited storage and bandwidth - the company provide you with the amount of disk space. You can easily save your images, files or personal database. Bandwidth refers to the amount of traffic that is allowed to access and leave your website.  Amount of email accounts – here you will get the best email service so that you can easily set up your email account. Here you will get the unlimited email accounts for your website. The email service should also include POP3 and SMTP access so you can set up and access.  Tech Support – the company provides you with excellent technical support. Our GoDaddy team are available to assist you 24/7 to solve your every problem related to hosting. You can connect with us through a phone call, email or live chat anytime from anywhere.  Uptime Guarantee – the company provide you 100% network uptime guarantee for their customers. It is time when your website works online and all users can visit your website without any problem. It helps to protect your website from downtimes if its downtime occurs than GoDaddy handle it very easily.  Free Domain – GoDaddy offers your free domain name for one year for your website according to your choosing plan. You can save a lot on your domain with GoDaddy. GoDaddy provides you free Domain with $12 Annual plan.  Control Panel – the company provides you control panel which is easy to use. You will get the cheap web hosting cPanel plan of GoDaddy. You can easily start your small business website with $1 cPanel. Manage your FTP, backups and email management easily with the control panel.  CMS Support – GoDaddy support all different types of the content management system. It provides you with various tools and scripts that support your website. WordPress, Drupal and much more.

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